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2-Keto-3-Deoxy-l-Rhamnonate Aldolase (YfaU) as Catalyst in Aldol Additions of Pyruvate to Amino Aldehyde Derivatives. Hernández, K., Gómez, A., Joglar, J., Bujons, J., Parella, T., Clapés, P.

Comparative Study of Surface Chemical Composition and Oxide Layer Modification upon Oxygen Plasma Cleaning and Piranha Etching on a Novel Low Elastic Modulus Ti25Nb21Hf Alloy. Paredes, V., Salvagni, E., Rodríguez-Castellón, E., Manero, J.M.

Determination of formaldehyde content in leather: EN ISO 17226 standard. Influence of the agitation method used in the initial phase of formaldehyde extraction. Manich, A.M., Cuadros, S., Font, J., Bacardit, A., Combalia, F., Marsal, A.

Effect of fatliquoring and finishing on moisture absorption-desorption of leather. Manich, A.M., Barenys, J., Martínez, L., Martí, M., Carilla, J., Marsal, A.

Fate of d-Fagomine after Oral Administration to Rats. Amézqueta, S., Ramos-Romero, S., Martínez-Guimet, C., Moreno, A., Hereu, M., Torres, J.L.

i-motif structures in long cytosine-rich sequences found upstream of the promoter region of the SMARCA4 gene. Benabou, S., Aviñó, A., Lyonnais, S., González, C., Eritja, R., De Juan, A., Gargallo, R.

Introduction to the Robert Bittman Memorial Issue. Fabrias, G., Greer, A., Lankalapalli, R.S., Engel, R.

Mitigation of environmental impact caused by dwor textile finishing chemicals studying their nontoxic alternatives. Martí, M., Manich, A.M.

Pathogenic viruses of the respiratory tract – A review. Kabir, M.S.

Stabilization of Telomeric I-Motif Structures by (2’S)-2′-Deoxy-2′-C-Methylcytidine Residues. Aviñó, A., Dellafiore, M., Gargallo, R., González, C., Iribarren, A.M., Montserrat, J., Eritja, R.

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Unraveling the Multistimuli Responses of a Complex Dynamic System of Pseudopeptidic Macrocycles. Valdivielso, A.M., Puig-Castellví, F., Atcher, J., Solà, J., Tauler, R., Alfonso, I.

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A loosely coupled GIS and hydrogeological modeling framework. Alcaraz, M., Vázquez-Suñé, E., Velasco, V., Criollo, R.

Analysis of testosterone fatty acid esters in the digestive gland of mussels by liquid chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry. Guercia, C., Cianciullo, P., Porte, C.

Development of a macroporous ceramic passive sampler for the monitoring of cytostatic drugs in water. Franquet-Griell, H., Pueyo, V., Silva, J., Orera, V.M., Lacorte, S.

Development of X-ray Fluorescence Quantitative Methodologies to Analyze Aqueous and Acid Extracts from Building Materials Belonging to Cultural Heritage. García-Florentino, C., Maguregui, M., Marguí, E., Queralt, I., Carrero, J.A., Madariaga, J.M.

Distinct Dual C-Cl Isotope Fractionation Patterns during Anaerobic Biodegradation of 1,2-Dichloroethane: Potential to Characterize Microbial Degradation in the Field. Palau, J., Yu, R., Hatijah Mortan, S., Shouakar-Stash, O., Rosell, M., Freedman, D.L., Sbarbati, C., Fiorenza, S., Aravena, R., Marco-Urrea, E., Elsner, M., Soler, A., Hunkeler, D.

Elemental composition of ambient aerosols measured with high temporal resolution using an online XRF spectrometer. Furger, M., Minguillón, M.C., Yadav, V., Slowik, J.G., Hüglin, C., Fröhlich, R., Petterson, K., Baltensperger, U., Prévôt, A.S.H.

Evaluation of tetrodotoxins in puffer fish caught along the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Toxin profile of Lagocephalus sceleratus. Rambla-Alegre, M., Reverté, L., del Río, V., de la Iglesia, P., Palacios, O., Flores, C., Caixach, J., Campbell, K., Elliott, C.T., Izquierdo-Muñoz, A., Campàs, M., Diogène, J.

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Knowledge integration strategies for untargeted metabolomics based on MCR-ALS analysis of CE-MS and LC-MS data. Ortiz-Villanueva, E., Benavente, F., Piña, B., Sanz-Nebot, V., Tauler, R., Jaumot, J.

Mercury concentrations in lean fish from the Western Mediterranean Sea: Dietary exposure and risk assessment in the population of the Balearic Islands. Llull, R.M., Garí, M., Canals, M., Rey-Maquieira, T., Grimalt, J.O.

Occurrence of pharmaceutical, recreational and psychotropic drug residues in surface water on the northern Antarctic Peninsula region. González-Alonso, S., Merino, L.M., Esteban, S., López de Alda, M., Barceló, D., Durán, J.J., López-Martínez, J., Aceña, J., Pérez, S., Mastroianni, N., Silva, A., Catalá, M., Valcárcel, Y.

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Quantifying dry and wet deposition fluxes in two regions of contrasting African influence: The NE Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands. Castillo, S., Alastuey, A., Cuevas, E., Querol, X., Avila, A.

Reactive transport modelling of cement-groundwater-rock interaction at the Grimsel Test Site. Chaparro, M.C., Saaltink, M.W., Soler, J.M.

Receptor modeling of environmental aerosol data using MLPCA-MCR-ALS. Izadmanesh, Y., Ghasemi, J.B., Tauler, R.

Sex steroids and metabolic responses in mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis exposed to drospirenone. Cappello, T., Fernandes, D., Maisano, M., Casano, A., Bonastre, M., Bebianno, M.J., Mauceri, A., Fasulo, S., Porte, C.

Spatial distribution of heavy hydrocarbons, PAHs and metals in polluted areas. The case of “Galicia”, Spain. Monaco, D., Chianese, E., Riccio, A., Delgado-Sanchez, A., Lacorte, S.

Tributyltin and triphenyltin exposure promotes in vitro adipogenic differentiation but alters the adipocyte phenotype in rainbow trout. Lutfi, E., Riera-Heredia, N., Córdoba, M., Porte, C., Gutiérrez, J., Capilla, E., Navarro, I.

Two important limitations relating to the spiking of environmental samples with contaminants of emerging concern: How close to the real analyte concentrations are the reported recovered values?. Michael, C., Bayona, J.M., Lambropoulou, D., Agüera, A., Fatta-Kassinos, D.

Unraveling the Multistimuli Responses of a Complex Dynamic System of Pseudopeptidic Macrocycles. Valdivielso, A.M., Puig-Castellví, F., Atcher, J., Solà, J., Tauler, R., Alfonso, I.

UV filters and benzotriazoles in urban aquatic ecosystems: The footprint of daily use products. Molins-Delgado, D., Távora, J., Silvia Díaz-Cruz, M., Barceló, D.

Workplace exposure and release of ultrafine particles during atmospheric plasma spraying in the ceramic industry. Viana, M., Fonseca, A.S., Querol, X., López-Lilao, A., Carpio, P., Salmatonidis, A., Monfort, E.

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Aromatic ionene topology and counterion-tuned gelation of acidic aqueous solutions. Bachl, J., Bertran, O., Mayr, J., Alemán, C., Díaz Díaz, D.

DHA and L-carnitine loaded chitosan hydrogels as delivery systems for topical applications. Solé, I., Vílchez, S., Miras, J., Montanyà, N., García-Celma, M.J., Esquena, J.

Effects of the combination of ω-3 PUFAs and proanthocyanidins on the gut microbiota of healthy rats. Ramos-Romero, S., Hereu, M., Molinar-Toribio, E., Almajano, M.P., Méndez, L., Medina, I., Taltavull, N., Romeu, M., Nogués, M.R., Torres, J.L.

Intramolecular Benzoin Reaction Catalyzed by Benzaldehyde Lyase from Pseudomonas Fluorescens Biovar I. Hernández, K., Parella, T., Petrillo, G., Usón, I., Wandtke, C.M., Joglar, J., Bujons, J., Clapés, P.

Investigation of the elastic and adhesion properties of adsorbed hydrophobically modified inulin films on latex particles using Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM). Obiols-Rabasa, M., Oncins, G., Sanz, F., Tadros, T.F., Solans, C., Levecke, B., Booten, K., Esquena, J.

Monocatenary histidine-based surfactants: Role of the alkyl chain length in antimicrobial activity and their selectivity over red blood cells. Bustelo, M., Pinazo, A., Manresa, M.A., Mitjans, M., Vinardell, M.P., Pérez, L.

Myriocin treatment of CF lung infection and inflammation: complex analyses for enigmatic lipids. Caretti, A., Vasso, M., Bonezzi, F.T., Gallina, A., Trinchera, M., Rossi, A., Adami, R., Casas, J., Falleni, M., Tosi, D., Bragonzi, A., Ghidoni, R., Gelfi, C., Signorelli, P.

Oligonucleotide-lipid conjugates forming G-quadruplex structures are potent and pangenotypic hepatitis C virus entry inhibitors in vitro and Ex vivo. Koutsoudakis, G., De León, A.P., Herrera, C., Dorner, M., Pérez-Vilaró, G., Lyonnais, S., Grijalvo, S., Eritja, R., Meyerhans, A., Mirambeau, G., Díez, J.

Recent Advances in Enzyme-Catalyzed Aldol Addition Reactions. Clapés, P.

Stereoselective preparation of quaternary 2-vinyl sphingosines and ceramides and their effect on basal sphingolipid metabolism. Calderón, R., Mercadal, N., Abad, J.L., Ariza, X., Delgado, A., Garcia, J., Rodríguez, A., Fabriàs, G.

Unreactive Gel Networks as Versatile Confined Spaces for Enhanced Photoinduced Processes. Häring, M., Abramov, A., Díaz Díaz, D.

Artículos IDAEA Mayo

Acute changes in serum immune markers due to swimming in a chlorinated pool. Vlaanderen, J., van Veldhoven, K., Font-Ribera, L., Villanueva, C.M., Chadeau-Hyam, M., Portengen, L., Grimalt, J.O., Zwiener, C., Heederik, D., Zhang, X., Vineis, P., Kogevinas, M., Vermeulen, R.

Anomalous transport in disordered fracture networks: Spatial Markov model for dispersion with variable injection modes. Kang, P.K., Dentz, M., Le Borgne, T., Lee, S., Juanes, R.

Changes in serum dioxin and PCB levels in residents around a municipal waste incinerator in Bilbao, Spain. Zubero, M.B., Eguiraun, E., Aurrekoetxea, J.J., Lertxundi, A., Abad, E., Parera, J., Goñi-Irigoyen, F., Ibarluzea, J.

Development and validation of an analytical method based on liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry detection for the simultaneous determination of 13 relevant wastewater-derived contaminants in lettuce. Montemurro, N., Postigo, C., Lonigro, A., Perez, S., Barceló, D.

Effect of exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons on basal ganglia and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms in primary school children. Mortamais, M., Pujol, J., van Drooge, B.L., Macià, D., Martínez-Vilavella, G., Reynes, C., Sabatier, R., Rivas, I., Grimalt, J., Forns, J., Alvarez-Pedrerol, M., Querol, X., Sunyer, J.

Effect of pyrethroid treatment against sea lice in salmon farming regarding consumers’ health. Aznar-Alemany, Ò., Eljarrat, E., Barceló, D.

Formation of iodo-trihalomethanes, iodo-haloacetic acids, and haloacetaldehydes during chlorination and chloramination of iodine containing waters in laboratory controlled reactions. Postigo, C., Richardson, S.D., Barceló, D.

GoRoSoBo: An overall control diagram to improve the efficiency of water transport systems in real time. Bonet, E., Gómez, M., Yubero, M.T., Fernández-Francos, J.

Growth and water use performance of four co-occurring riparian tree species in a Mediterranean riparian forest. Nadal-Sala, D., Sabaté, S., Sánchez-Costa, E., Poblador, S., Sabater, F., Gracia, C.

Identifying geochemical processes using End Member Mixing Analysis to decouple chemical components for mixing ratio calculations. Pelizardi, F., Bea, S.A., Carrera, J., Vives, L.

Integrated assessment of infant exposure to persistent organic pollutants and mercury via dietary intake in a central western Mediterranean site (Menorca Island). Junqué, E., Garí, M., Arce, A., Torrent, M., Sunyer, J., Grimalt, J.O.

Occurrence of chemical contaminants in peri-urban agricultural irrigation waters and assessment of their phytotoxicity and crop productivity. Margenat, A., Matamoros, V., Díez, S., Cañameras, N., Comas, J., Bayona, J.M.

Recovery of nutrients (N-P-K) from potassium-rich sludge anaerobic digestion side-streams by integration of a hybrid sorption-membrane ultrafiltration process: Use of powder reactive sorbents as nutrient carriers. Hermassi, M., Valderrama, C., Gibert, O., Moreno, N., Querol, X., Batis, N.H., Cortina, J.L.

Removal of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Wastewater by Enzymatic Treatment with Fungal Laccases. Becker, D., Rodriguez-Mozaz, S., Insa, S., Schoevaart, R., Barceló, D., De Cazes, M., Belleville, M.-P., Sanchez-Marcano, J., Misovic, A., Oehlmann, J., Wagner, M.

River ecosystem processes: A synthesis of approaches, criteria of use and sensitivity to environmental stressors. von Schiller, D., Acuña, V., Aristi, I., Arroita, M., Basaguren, A., Bellin, A., Boyero, L., Butturini, A., Ginebreda, A., Kalogianni, E., Larrañaga, A., Majone, B., Martínez, A., Monroy, S., Muñoz, I., Paunović, M., Pereda, O., Petrovic, M., Pozo, J., Rodríguez-Mozaz, S., Rivas, D., Sabater, S., Sabater, F., Skoulikidis, N., Solagaistua, L., Vardakas, L., Elosegi, A.

Sample treatment procedures for environmental sensing and biosensing. Sanchís, J., Llorca, M., Barceló, D., Farré, M.

Strength evolution of geomaterials in the octahedral plane under nonisothermal and unsaturated conditions. Vilarrasa, V., Parisio, F., Laloui, L.

Testing the Use of 210Pb to Study Sediment Connectivity in a Mediterranean Mountain Basin with Badlands. Moreno-de las Heras, M., Gallart, F., Latron, J., Martínez-Carreras, N., Ferrer, L., Estrany, J.

Toxic potential of organic constituents of submicron particulate matter (PM1) in an urban road site (Barcelona). Mesquita, S.R., van Drooge, B.L., Dall’Osto, M., Grimalt, J.O., Barata, C., Vieira, N., Guimarães, L., Piña, B.

Using MALDI-TOF MS imaging and LC-HRMS for the investigation of the degradation of polycaprolactone diol exposed to different wastewater treatments. Rivas, D., Zonja, B., Eichhorn, P., Ginebreda, A., Pérez, S., Barceló, D.

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4-nitroso-sulfamethoxazole generation in soil under denitrifying conditions: Field observations versus laboratory results. Brienza, M., Duwig, C., Pérez, S., Chiron, S.

A new matching image preprocessing for image data fusion. Piqueras Solsona, S., Maeder, M., Tauler, R., de Juan, A.

A review on the applications of coal combustion products in China. Li, J., Zhuang, X., Querol, X., Font, O., Moreno, N.

Anatomy of Heinrich Layer 1 and its role in the last deglaciation. Hodell, D.A., Nicholl, J.A., Bontognali, T.R.R., Danino, S., Dorador, J., Dowdeswell, J.A., Einsle, J., Kuhlmann, H., Martrat, B., Mleneck-Vautravers, M.J., Rodríguez-Tovar, F.J., Röhl, U.

Association between exposure to organochlorine compounds and maternal thyroid status: Role of the iodothyronine deiodinase 1 gene. Llop, S., Murcia, M., Alvarez-Pedrerol, M., Grimalt, J.O., Santa-Marina, L., Julvez, J., Goñi-Irigoyen, F., Espada, M., Ballester, F., Rebagliato, M., Lopez-Espinosa, M.-J.

AIRUSE-LIFE +: Estimation of natural source contributions to urban ambient air PM10 and PM2. 5 concentrations in southern Europe – Implications to compliance with limit values. Diapouli, E., Manousakas, M.I., Vratolis, S., Vasilatou, V., Pateraki, S., Bairachtari, K.A., Querol, X., Amato, F., Alastuey, A., Karanasiou, A.A., Lucarelli, F., Nava, S., Calzolai, G., Gianelle, V.L., Colombi, C., Alves, C., Custódio, D., Pio, C., Spyrou, C., Kallos, G.B., Eleftheriadis, K.

Contamination sources and distribution patterns of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in Alpine rivers strongly affected by tourism. Mandaric, L., Diamantini, E., Stella, E., Cano-Paoli, K., Valle-Sistac, J., Molins-Delgado, D., Bellin, A., Chiogna, G., Majone, B., Diaz-Cruz, M.S., Sabater, S., Barcelo, D., Petrovic, M.

Development of concepts for the management of thermal resources in urban areas – Assessment of transferability from the Basel (Switzerland) and Zaragoza (Spain) case studies. Epting, J., García-Gil, A., Huggenberger, P., Vázquez-Suñe, E., Mueller, M.H.

Environmental stressors as a driver of the trait composition of benthic macroinvertebrate assemblages in polluted Iberian rivers. Kuzmanovic, M., Dolédec, S., de Castro-Catala, N., Ginebreda, A., Sabater, S., Muñoz, I., Barceló, D.

Evolutionary consequences of historical metal contamination for natural populations of Chironomus riparius (Diptera: Chironomidae). Pedrosa, J., Campos, D., Cocchiararo, B., Nowak, C., Soares, A.M.V.M., Barata, C., L. T. Pestana, J.

Intercomparison of methods to estimate black carbon emissions from cookstoves. de la Sota, C., Kane, M., Mazorra, J., Lumbreras, J., Youm, I., Viana, M.

Organophosphate ester flame retardants and plasticizers in the global oceanic atmosphere. Castro-Jiménez, J., González-Gaya, B., Pizarro, M., Casal, P., Pizarro-Álvarez, C., Dachs, J.

Outdoor and indoor particle characterization from a large and uncontrolled combustion of a tire landfill. Artíñano, B., Gómez-Moreno, F.J., Díaz, E., Amato, F., Pandolfi, M., Alonso-Blanco, E., Coz, E., García-Alonso, S., Becerril-Valle, M., Querol, X., Alastuey, A., van Drooge, B.L.

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Reactive transport modelling of a high-pH infiltration test in concrete. Chaparro, M.C., Soler, J.M., Saaltink, M.W., Mäder, U.K.

Spatiotemporal evolution of a severe winter dust event in the western Mediterranean: Aerosol optical and physical properties. Titos, G., Ealo, M., Pandolfi, M., Pérez, N., Sola, Y., Sicard, M., Comerón, A., Querol, X., Alastuey, A.

Software tools for sustainable water resources management: The GIS-integrated FREEWAT platform. De Filippis, G., Borsi, I., Foglia, L., Cannata, M., Mansilla, V.V., Vasquez-Suñe, E., Ghetta, M., Rossetto,

The T-I-GER method: A graphical alternative to support the design and management of shallow geothermal energy exploitations at the metropolitan scale. Alcaraz, M., Vives, L., Vázquez-Suñé, E.

Traffic-related air pollution and spectacles use in schoolchildren. Dadvand, P., Nieuwenhuijsen, M.J., Basagaña, X., Alvarez-Pedrerol, M., Dalmau-Bueno, A., Cirach, M., Rivas, I., Brunekreef, B., Querol, X., Morgan, I.G., Sunyer, J.

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Unexpected increase in the oxidation capacity of the urban atmosphere of Madrid, Spain. Saiz-Lopez, A., Borge, R., Notario, A., Adame, J.A., Paz, D.D.L., Querol, X., Artíñano, B., Gómez-Moreno, F.J., Cuevas, C.A.

Artículos IQAC Abril

2-Acetyl-5-tetrahydroxybutyl imidazole (THI) protects 661W cells against oxidative stress. Fabiani, C., Zulueta, A., Bonezzi, F., Casas, J., Ghidoni, R., Signorelli, P., Caretti, A.

Acid Ceramidase Deficiency in Mice Results in a Broad Range of Central Nervous System Abnormalities. Sikora, J., Dworski, S., Jones, E.E., Kamani, M.A., Micsenyi, M.C., Sawada, T., Le Faouder, P., Bertrand-Michel, J., Dupuy, A., Dunn, C.K., Xuan, I.C.Y., Casas, J., Fabrias, G., Hampson, D.R., Levade, T., Drake, R.R., Medin, J.A., Walkley, S.U.

Breaking the Dogma of Aldolase Specificity: Simple Aliphatic Ketones and Aldehydes are Nucleophiles for Fructose-6-phosphate Aldolase. Roldán, R., Sanchez-Moreno, I., Scheidt, T., Hélaine, V., Lemaire, M., Parella, T., Clapés, P., Fessner, W.-D., Guérard-Hélaine, C.

DNA-Origami-Driven Lithography for Patterning on Gold Surfaces with Sub-10 nm Resolution. Gállego, I., Manning, B., Prades, J.D., Mir, M., Samitier, J., Eritja, R.

Entropy-driven homochiral self-sorting of a dynamic library. Atcher, J., Bujons, J., Alfonso, I.

From the configurational preference of dihydroceramide desaturase-1 towards Δ6-unsaturated substrates to the discovery of a new inhibitor. Pou, A., Abad, J.-L., Ordóñez, Y.F., Garrido, M., Casas, J., Fabriàs, G., Delgado, A.

Glass-Metal Adhesive Polymers from Copper(I)-Catalyzed Azide-Alkyne Cycloaddition. Martínez-Triana, Y.M., Whelan, R., Finn, M.G., Díaz, D.D.

Influence of omega-3 PUFAs on the metabolism of proanthocyanidins in rats. Molinar-Toribio, E., Ramos-Romero, S., Fuguet, E., Taltavull, N., Méndez, L., Romeu, M., Medina, I., Torres, J.L., Pérez-Jiménez, J.

Inhibitors of ceramide de novo biosynthesis rescue damages induced by cigarette smoke in airways epithelia. Zulueta, A., Caretti, A., Campisi, G.M., Brizzolari, A., Abad, J.L., Paroni, R., Signorelli, P., Ghidoni, R.

Interplaying anions in a supramolecular metallohydrogel to form metal organic frameworks. Karak, S., Kumar, S., Bera, S., Díaz, D.D., Banerjee, S., Vanka, K., Banerjee, R.

Optical control of pain in vivo with a photoactive mGlu 5 receptor negative allosteric modulator. Font, J., López-Cano, M., Notartomaso, S., Scarselli, P., Di Pietro, P., Bresolí-Obach, R., Battaglia, G., Malhaire, F., Rovira, X., Catena, J., Giraldo, J., Pin, J.-P., Fernández-Dueñas, V., Goudet, C., Nonell, S., Nicoletti, F., Llebaria, A., Ciruela, F.

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Targeted Drug Delivery in Covalent Organic Nanosheets (CONs) via Sequential Postsynthetic Modification. Mitra, S., Sasmal, H.S., Kundu, T., Kandambeth, S., Illath, K., Díaz Díaz, D., Banerjee, R.

Artículos IQAC Marzo

A lipidomic study on the regulation of inflammation and oxidative stress targeted by marine ω-3 PUFA and polyphenols in high-fat high-sucrose diets. Dasilva, G., Pazos, M., García-Egido, E., Gallardo, J.M., Ramos-Romero, S., Torres, J.L., Romeu, M., Nogués, M.-R., Medina, I.

Boronic acid-modified alginate enables direct formation of injectable, self-healing and multistimuli-responsive hydrogels. Pettignano, A., Grijalvo, S., Häring, M., Eritja, R., Tanchoux, N., Quignard, F., Díaz Díaz, D.

Detoxification of 1,1,2-trichloroethane to ethene in a bioreactor co-culture of Dehalogenimonas and Dehalococcoides mccartyi strains. Mortan, S.H., Martín-González, L., Vicent, T., Caminal, G., Nijenhuis, I., Adrian, L., Marco-Urrea, E.

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Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (3rd edition). Klionsky, D.J. (et al.)

Hydrophobic Coatings on Cotton Obtained by in Situ Plasma Polymerization of a Fluorinated Monomer in Ethanol Solutions. Molina, R., Teixidó, J.M., Kan, C.-W., Jovančić, P.

Pharmaceuticals removal and microbial community assessment in a continuous fungal treatment of non-sterile real hospital wastewater after a coagulation-flocculation pretreatment. Mir-Tutusaus, J.A., Parladé, E., Llorca, M., Villagrasa, M., Barceló, D., Rodriguez-Mozaz, S., Martinez-Alonso, M., Gaju, N., Caminal, G., Sarrà, M.

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