Artículos IDAEA Agosto

Aerobic activated sludge transformation of vincristine and identification of the transformation products. Kosjek, T., Negreira, N., Heath, E., López de Alda, M., Barceló, D.

Alpine bogs of southern Spain show human-induced environmental change superimposed on long-term natural variations. García-Alix, A., Jiménez-Espejo, F.J., Toney, J.L., Jiménez-Moreno, G., Ramos-Román, M.J., Anderson, R.S., Ruano, P., Queralt, I., Delgado Huertas, A., Kuroda, J.

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Analysis of multiple mass spectrometry images from different Phaseolus vulgaris samples by multivariate curve resolution. Bedia, C., Tauler, R., Jaumot, J.

Analysis of neurobehavioural data by chemometric methods in ecotoxicological studies. Gómez-Canela, C., Prats, E., Tauler, R., Raldúa, D.

Analysis of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans in stack gas emissions by gas chromatography-atmospheric pressure chemical ionization-triple-quadrupole mass spectrometry. Rivera-Austrui, J., Martínez, K., Ábalos, M., Sales, C., Portoles, T., Beltran, J., Sauló, J., Aristizábal, B.H., Abad, E.

Combined effects of salinity, temperature and hypoxia on Daphnia magna metabolism. Garreta-Lara, E., Campos, B., Barata, C., Lacorte, S., Tauler, R.Dysregulation of photosynthetic genes in oceanic Prochlorococcus populations exposed to organic pollutants. Fernández-Pinos, M.-C., Vila-Costa, M., Arrieta, J.M., Morales, L., González-Gaya, B., Piña, B., Dachs, J.

Editorial. Hopke, P.K., Tauler, R.

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Influence of seasonality and vegetation on the attenuation of emerging contaminants in wastewater effluent-dominated streams. A preliminary study. Matamoros, V., Rodríguez, Y.

Linking the morphological and metabolomic response of Lactuca sativa L exposed to emerging contaminants using GC × GC-MS and chemometric tools. Hurtado, C., Parastar, H., Matamoros, V., Piña, B., Tauler, R., Bayona, J.M.

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Artículos IQAC Agosto

A copper-templated, bifunctional organocatalyst: A strongly cooperative dynamic system for the aldol reaction. Serra-Pont, A., Alfonso, I., Solà, J., Jimeno, C.

An improved steady-state model of an interline power flow controller for the multi-transmission system. Daram, S.B., Venkataramu, P.S., Nagaraj, M.S.

Comparison between several reactors with Trametes versicolor immobilized on lignocellulosic support for the continuous treatments of hospital wastewater. Torán, J., Blánquez, P., Caminal, G.

Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles in oil-in-water microemulsion and nano-emulsion using geranium leaf aqueous extract as a reducing agent. Rivera-Rangel, R.D., González-Muñoz, M.P., Avila-Rodriguez, M., Razo-Lazcano, T.A., Solans, C.

Influence of crosslinked alginate on drug release from highly concentrated emulsions. Bonilla, P., Arias, E.M., Solans, C., García-Celma, M.J.

Jaspine B induces nonapoptotic cell death in gastric cancer cells independently of its inhibition of ceramide synthase. Cingolani, F., Simbari, F., Abad, J.L., Casasampere, M., Fabrias, G., Futerman, A.H., Casas, J.

Microvesicle release and micellar attack as the alternative mechanisms involved in the red-blood-cell-membrane solubilization induced by arginine-based surfactants. Fait, M.E., Hermet, M., Comelles, F., Clapés, P., Alvarez, H.A., Prieto, E., Herlax, V., Morcelle, S.R., Bakás, L.

Preparation of a Nanoemulsion with Carapa guianensis Aublet (Meliaceae) Oil by a Low-Energy/Solvent-Free Method and Evaluation of Its Preliminary Residual Larvicidal Activity. Jesus, F.L.M., De Almeida, F.B., Duarte, J.L., Oliveira, A.E.M.F.M., Cruz, R.A.S., Souto, R.N.P., Ferreira, R.M.A., Kelmann, R.G., Carvalho, J.C.T., Lira-Guedes, A.C., Guedes, M., Solans, C., Fernandes, C.P.

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Structural Study of a New HIV-1 Entry Inhibitor and Interaction with the HIV-1 Fusion Peptide in Dodecylphosphocholine Micelles. Pérez, Y., Gómara, M.J., Yuste, E., Gómez-Gutierrez, P., Pérez, J.J., Haro, I.

Surface chemistry and germination improvement of Quinoa seeds subjected to plasma activation. Gómez-Ramírez, A., López-Santos, C., Cantos, M., García, J.L., Molina, R., Cotrino, J., Espinós, J.P., González-Elipe, A.R.

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Twisted intramolecular charge transfer in a carbazole-based chromophore: The stable [(4-: N -carbazolyl)-2,3,5,6-tetrachlorophenyl]bis(2,3,5,6-tetrachlorophenyl)methyl radical. Gilabert, A., Fajarí, L., Sirés, I., Reig, M., Brillas, E., Velasco, D., Anglada, J.M., Juliá, L.

Unraveling the Multistimuli Responses of a Complex Dynamic System of Pseudopeptidic Macrocycles. Valdivielso, A.M., Puig-Castellví, F., Atcher, J., Solà, J., Tauler, R., Alfonso, I.

Artículos IDAEA Julio

A spatial Markov model for the evolution of the joint distribution of groundwater age, arrival time, and velocity in heterogeneous media. Massoudieh, A., Dentz, M., Alikhani, J.

Aliphatic hydrocarbons and triterpenes of the Congo deep sea fan. Méjanelle, L., Rivière, B., Pinturier, L., Khripounoff, A., Baudin, F., Dachs, J.

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Anticancer drugs: Consumption trends in Spain, prediction of environmental concentrations and potential risks. Franquet-Griell, H., Gómez-Canela, C., Ventura, F., Lacorte, S.

Atmospheric dust deposition on soils around an abandoned fluorite mine (Hammam Zriba, NE Tunisia). Djebbi, C., Chaabani, F., Font, O., Queralt, I., Querol, X.

Biosensors and Bioassays for Environmental Monitoring. Bosch-Orea, C., Farré, M., Barceló, D.

Characterization of quality of sediments from Paranaguá Bay (Brazil) by combined in vitro bioassays and chemical analyses. Rizzi, J., Pérez-Albaladejo, E., Fernandes, D., Contreras, J., Froehner, S., Porte, C.

Comparative toxicity and endocrine disruption potential of urban and rural atmospheric organic PM1 in JEG-3 human placental cells. van Drooge, B.L., Marqueño, A., Grimalt, J.O., Fernández, P., Porte, C.

Degradation of Emerging Organic Contaminants in an Agricultural Soil: Decoupling Biotic and Abiotic Processes. Hurtado, C., Montano-Chávez, Y.N., Domínguez, C., Bayona, J.M.

Dietary human exposure to mercury in two artisanal small-scale gold mining communities of northwestern Colombia. Salazar-Camacho, C., Salas-Moreno, M., Marrugo-Madrid, S., Marrugo-Negrete, J., Díez, S.

Discontinuation of pharmacological treatment of children and adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: meta-analysis of 63 studies enrolling 11,788 patients. Riera, M., Castells, X., Tobias, A., Cunill, R., Blanco, L., Capellà, D.

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Evolution and future of Human Health and Environmental Risk Assessment. Suciu, N.A., Panizzi, S., Ciffroy, P., Ginebreda, A., Tediosi, A., Barceló, D., Capri, E.

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Groundwater-Gossan interaction and the genesis of the secondary siderite rock at Las Cruces ore deposit (SW Spain). Scheiber, L., Ayora, C., Vázquez-Suñé, E., Soler, A.

Impact of North America on the aerosol composition in the North Atlantic free troposphere. Isabel García, M., Rodríguez, S., Alastuey, A.

Lithium saltworks of the Salar de Atacama: A model for MgSO4-free ancient potash deposits. Pueyo, J.J., Chong, G., Ayora, C.

Localized Point Mixing Rate Potential in Heterogeneous Velocity Fields. Aquino, T., Bolster, D.

Metabolomic analysis of the effects of cadmium and copper treatment in: Oryza sativa L. using untargeted liquid chromatography coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry and all-ion fragmentation. Navarro-Reig, M., Jaumot, J., Piña, B., Moyano, E., Galceran, M.T., Tauler, R.

Organic aerosol source apportionment by offline-AMS over a full year in Marseille. Bozzetti, C., El Haddad, I., Salameh, D., Daellenbach, K.R., Fermo, P., Gonzalez, R., Minguillón, M.C., Iinuma, Y., Poulain, L., Elser, M., Müller, E., Slowik, J.G., Jaffrezo, J.-L., Baltensperger, U., Marchand, N., Prévôt, A.S.H.

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Seasonal variations in the occurrence of perfluoroalkyl substances in water, sediment and fish samples from Ebro Delta (Catalonia, Spain). Pignotti, E., Casas, G., Llorca, M., Tellbüscher, A., Almeida, D., Dinelli, E., Farré, M., Barceló, D.

Sediments as a sink for UV filters and benzotriazoles: the case study of Upper Iguaçu watershed, Curitiba (Brazil). Mizukawa, A., Molins-Delgado, D., de Azevedo, J.C.R., Fernandes, C.V.S., Díaz-Cruz, S., Barceló, D.

SWOT analysis of the MERLIN-Expo tool and its relevance in legislative frameworks. De Wilde, T., Verdonck, F., Tediosi, A., Tanaka, T., Bonnard, R., Banjac, Z., Isigonis, P., Giubilato, E., Critto, A., Zabeo, A., Suciu, N.A., Garratt, J., Ciffroy, P.

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The role of mineral heterogeneity on the hydrogeochemical response of two fractured reservoir rocks in contact with dissolved CO2. Garcia-Rios, M., Luquot, L., Soler, J.M., Cama, J.

TREHS: An open-access software tool for investigating and evaluating temporary river regimes as a first step for their ecological status assessment. Gallart, F., Cid, N., Latron, J., Llorens, P., Bonada, N., Jeuffroy, J., Jiménez-Argudo, S.-M., Vega, R.-M., Solà, C., Soria, M., Bardina, M., Hernández-Casahuga, A.-J., Fidalgo, A., Estrela, T., Munné, A., Prat, N.

Turbulent flow chromatography in food analysis. Llorca, M., Farré, M.

Artículos IQAC Julio

A colloidally stable water dispersion of Ni nanowires as an efficient: T2-MRI contrast agent. Bañobre-López, M., Bran, C., Rodríguez-Abreu, C., Gallo, J., Vázquez, M., Rivas, J.

Bioanalytical methods for cytostatic therapeutic drug monitoring and occupational exposure assessment. Broto, M., Galve, R., Marco, M.-P.

Computational Insights into the CH3 Cl+OH Chemical Reaction Dynamics at the Air-Water Interface. Martins-Costa, M.T.C., Anglada, J.M., Ruiz-López, M.F.

Differing specificities and isotypes of anti-citrullinated peptide/protein antibodies in palindromic rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis. Cabrera-Villalba, S., Gomara, M.J., Cañete, J.D., Ramírez, J., Salvador, G., Ruiz-Esquide, V., Hernández, M.V., Inciarte-Mundo, J., Haro, I., Sanmartí, R.

Effect of fatliquoring on grain and corium quality of leather assessed by ball bursting and tearing tests. Manich, A.M., Barneys, J., Martínez, L., Lloria, J., Marsal, A.

Flight and swarming behaviour of Culicoides species (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) on a livestock farm in Northern Spain. González, M.A., Alarcón-Elbal, P.M., Venter, G.J., López, S.

Fungal treatment for the removal of endocrine disrupting compounds from reverse osmosis concentrate: Identification and monitoring of transformation products of benzotriazoles. Llorca, M., Badia-Fabregat, M., Rodríguez-Mozaz, S., Caminal, G., Vicent, T., Barceló, D.

Green Catanionic Gemini Surfactant-Lichenysin Mixture: Improved Surface, Antimicrobial, and Physiological Properties. Ruiz, A., Pinazo, A., Pérez, L., Manresa, A., Marqués, A.M.

Influence of polymer concentration on the properties of nano-emulsions and nanoparticles obtained by a low-energy method. Homs, M., Calderó, G., Monge, M., Morales, D., Solans, C.

Insights on the Interaction between Transthyretin and Aβ in Solution. A Saturation Transfer Difference (STD) NMR Analysis of the Role of Iododiflunisal. Gimeno, A., Santos, L.M., Alemi, M., Rivas, J., Blasi, D., Cotrina, E.Y., Llop, J., Valencia, G., Cardoso, I., Quintana, J., Arsequell, G., Jiménez-Barbero, J.

Micellization and Antimicrobial Properties of Surface-Active Ionic Liquids Containing Cleavable Carbonate Linkages. Garcia, M.T., Ribosa, I., Perez, L., Manresa, A., Comelles, F.

Pharmaceutical versatility of cationic niosomes derived from amino acid-based surfactants: Skin penetration behavior and controlled drug release. Muzzalupo, R., Pérez, L., Pinazo, A., Tavano, L.

Protein-repellent and antimicrobial nanoparticle coatings from hyaluronic acid and a lysine-derived biocompatible surfactant. Bračič, M., Fras-Zemljič, L., Pérez, L., Kogej, K., Stana-Kleinschek, K., Kargl, R., Mohan, T.

Rotational spectra of tetracyclic quinolizidine alkaloids: Does a water molecule flip sparteine? Lesarri, A., Pinacho, R., Enríquez, L., Rubio, J.E., Jaraíz, M., Abad, J.L., Gigosos, M.A.

Stereodivergent synthesis of right- and left-handed iminoxylitol heterodimers and monomers. Study of their impact on β-glucocerebrosidase activity. Stauffert, F., Serra-Vinardell, J., Gómez-Grau, M., Michelakakis, H., Mavridou, I., Grinberg, D., Vilageliu, L., Casas, J., Bodlenner, A., Delgado, A., Compain, P.

Study of the interaction of GB virus C/Hepatitis G virus fusion peptides belonging to the E2 protein with phospholipid Langmuir monolayers. Pérez-López, S., Espina, M., Gómara, M.J., Fidalgo, J.L., Alsina, M.A., Mestres, C., Miñones Conde, J.

The atmospheric oxidation of CH3OOH by the OH radical: The effect of water vapor. Anglada, J.M., Crehuet, R., Martins-Costa, M., Francisco, J.S., Ruiz-López, M.

The first fluorogenic sensor for sphingosine-1-phosphate lyase activity in intact cells. Sanllehí, P., Casasampere, M., Abad, J.-L., Fabriàs, G., López, O., Bujons, J., Casas, J., Delgado, A.

Artículos IQAC Junio

2-Keto-3-Deoxy-l-Rhamnonate Aldolase (YfaU) as Catalyst in Aldol Additions of Pyruvate to Amino Aldehyde Derivatives. Hernández, K., Gómez, A., Joglar, J., Bujons, J., Parella, T., Clapés, P.

Comparative Study of Surface Chemical Composition and Oxide Layer Modification upon Oxygen Plasma Cleaning and Piranha Etching on a Novel Low Elastic Modulus Ti25Nb21Hf Alloy. Paredes, V., Salvagni, E., Rodríguez-Castellón, E., Manero, J.M.

Determination of formaldehyde content in leather: EN ISO 17226 standard. Influence of the agitation method used in the initial phase of formaldehyde extraction. Manich, A.M., Cuadros, S., Font, J., Bacardit, A., Combalia, F., Marsal, A.

Effect of fatliquoring and finishing on moisture absorption-desorption of leather. Manich, A.M., Barenys, J., Martínez, L., Martí, M., Carilla, J., Marsal, A.

Fate of d-Fagomine after Oral Administration to Rats. Amézqueta, S., Ramos-Romero, S., Martínez-Guimet, C., Moreno, A., Hereu, M., Torres, J.L.

i-motif structures in long cytosine-rich sequences found upstream of the promoter region of the SMARCA4 gene. Benabou, S., Aviñó, A., Lyonnais, S., González, C., Eritja, R., De Juan, A., Gargallo, R.

Introduction to the Robert Bittman Memorial Issue. Fabrias, G., Greer, A., Lankalapalli, R.S., Engel, R.

Mitigation of environmental impact caused by dwor textile finishing chemicals studying their nontoxic alternatives. Martí, M., Manich, A.M.

Pathogenic viruses of the respiratory tract – A review. Kabir, M.S.

Stabilization of Telomeric I-Motif Structures by (2’S)-2′-Deoxy-2′-C-Methylcytidine Residues. Aviñó, A., Dellafiore, M., Gargallo, R., González, C., Iribarren, A.M., Montserrat, J., Eritja, R.

Transfection of antisense oligonucleotides mediated by cationic vesicles based on non-ionic surfactant and polycations bearing quaternary ammonium moieties. Mayr, J., Grijalvo, S., Bachl, J., Pons, R., Eritja, R., Díaz, D.D.

Unraveling the Multistimuli Responses of a Complex Dynamic System of Pseudopeptidic Macrocycles. Valdivielso, A.M., Puig-Castellví, F., Atcher, J., Solà, J., Tauler, R., Alfonso, I.

Artículos IDAEA Junio

A loosely coupled GIS and hydrogeological modeling framework. Alcaraz, M., Vázquez-Suñé, E., Velasco, V., Criollo, R.

Analysis of testosterone fatty acid esters in the digestive gland of mussels by liquid chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry. Guercia, C., Cianciullo, P., Porte, C.

Development of a macroporous ceramic passive sampler for the monitoring of cytostatic drugs in water. Franquet-Griell, H., Pueyo, V., Silva, J., Orera, V.M., Lacorte, S.

Development of X-ray Fluorescence Quantitative Methodologies to Analyze Aqueous and Acid Extracts from Building Materials Belonging to Cultural Heritage. García-Florentino, C., Maguregui, M., Marguí, E., Queralt, I., Carrero, J.A., Madariaga, J.M.

Distinct Dual C-Cl Isotope Fractionation Patterns during Anaerobic Biodegradation of 1,2-Dichloroethane: Potential to Characterize Microbial Degradation in the Field. Palau, J., Yu, R., Hatijah Mortan, S., Shouakar-Stash, O., Rosell, M., Freedman, D.L., Sbarbati, C., Fiorenza, S., Aravena, R., Marco-Urrea, E., Elsner, M., Soler, A., Hunkeler, D.

Elemental composition of ambient aerosols measured with high temporal resolution using an online XRF spectrometer. Furger, M., Minguillón, M.C., Yadav, V., Slowik, J.G., Hüglin, C., Fröhlich, R., Petterson, K., Baltensperger, U., Prévôt, A.S.H.

Evaluation of tetrodotoxins in puffer fish caught along the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Toxin profile of Lagocephalus sceleratus. Rambla-Alegre, M., Reverté, L., del Río, V., de la Iglesia, P., Palacios, O., Flores, C., Caixach, J., Campbell, K., Elliott, C.T., Izquierdo-Muñoz, A., Campàs, M., Diogène, J.

Gene expression changes in blood RNA after swimming in a chlorinated pool. Salas, L.A., Font-Ribera, L., Bustamante, M., Sumoy, L., Grimalt, J.O., Bonnin, S., Aguilar, M., Mattlin, H., Hummel, M., Ferrer, A., Kogevinas, M., Villanueva, C.M.

Knowledge integration strategies for untargeted metabolomics based on MCR-ALS analysis of CE-MS and LC-MS data. Ortiz-Villanueva, E., Benavente, F., Piña, B., Sanz-Nebot, V., Tauler, R., Jaumot, J.

Mercury concentrations in lean fish from the Western Mediterranean Sea: Dietary exposure and risk assessment in the population of the Balearic Islands. Llull, R.M., Garí, M., Canals, M., Rey-Maquieira, T., Grimalt, J.O.

Occurrence of pharmaceutical, recreational and psychotropic drug residues in surface water on the northern Antarctic Peninsula region. González-Alonso, S., Merino, L.M., Esteban, S., López de Alda, M., Barceló, D., Durán, J.J., López-Martínez, J., Aceña, J., Pérez, S., Mastroianni, N., Silva, A., Catalá, M., Valcárcel, Y.

Pyrethroid insecticides in wild bird eggs from a World Heritage Listed Park: A case study in Doñana National Park (Spain). Corcellas, C., Andreu, A., Máñez, M., Sergio, F., Hiraldo, F., Eljarrat, E., Barceló, D.

Quantifying dry and wet deposition fluxes in two regions of contrasting African influence: The NE Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands. Castillo, S., Alastuey, A., Cuevas, E., Querol, X., Avila, A.

Reactive transport modelling of cement-groundwater-rock interaction at the Grimsel Test Site. Chaparro, M.C., Saaltink, M.W., Soler, J.M.

Receptor modeling of environmental aerosol data using MLPCA-MCR-ALS. Izadmanesh, Y., Ghasemi, J.B., Tauler, R.

Sex steroids and metabolic responses in mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis exposed to drospirenone. Cappello, T., Fernandes, D., Maisano, M., Casano, A., Bonastre, M., Bebianno, M.J., Mauceri, A., Fasulo, S., Porte, C.

Spatial distribution of heavy hydrocarbons, PAHs and metals in polluted areas. The case of “Galicia”, Spain. Monaco, D., Chianese, E., Riccio, A., Delgado-Sanchez, A., Lacorte, S.

Tributyltin and triphenyltin exposure promotes in vitro adipogenic differentiation but alters the adipocyte phenotype in rainbow trout. Lutfi, E., Riera-Heredia, N., Córdoba, M., Porte, C., Gutiérrez, J., Capilla, E., Navarro, I.

Two important limitations relating to the spiking of environmental samples with contaminants of emerging concern: How close to the real analyte concentrations are the reported recovered values?. Michael, C., Bayona, J.M., Lambropoulou, D., Agüera, A., Fatta-Kassinos, D.

Unraveling the Multistimuli Responses of a Complex Dynamic System of Pseudopeptidic Macrocycles. Valdivielso, A.M., Puig-Castellví, F., Atcher, J., Solà, J., Tauler, R., Alfonso, I.

UV filters and benzotriazoles in urban aquatic ecosystems: The footprint of daily use products. Molins-Delgado, D., Távora, J., Silvia Díaz-Cruz, M., Barceló, D.

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Artículos IQAC Mayo

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