Artículos IQAC Septiembre

Agonists and allosteric modulators promote signaling from different metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 conformations. Nasrallah, C., Cannone, G., Briot, J., (…), Vinothkumar, K.R., Lebon, G.

Amide Formation: Choosing the Safer Carbodiimide in Combination with OxymaPure to Avoid HCN Release. Manne, S.R., Luna, O., Acosta, G.A., (…), De La Torre, B.G., Albericio, F.

Analysis of lignin content in alkaline treated hemp fibers: thermogravimetric studies and determination of kinetics of different decomposition steps. Mijas, G., Manich, A., Lis, M.-J., (…), Algaba, I., Cayuela, D.

Biodistribution of 68/67Ga-radiolabeled sphingolipid nanoemulsions by pet and spect imaging. Díez-Villares, S., Pellico, J., Gómez-Lado, N., (…), Aguiar, P., de la Fuente, M.

Deconstruction of technical grade diglycerol isostearate enables the controlled preparation of hexosomes and liposomes. Magana, J.R., Esquena, J., Solans, C., Rodriguez-Abreu, C.

Evaluation of the tert-butyl group as a probe for NMR studies of macromolecular complexes. Voleti, R., Bali, S., Guerrero, J., (…), Albericio, F., Rizo, J.

Increased comfort of polyester fabrics. Martí, M., Gisbert-Paya, J., Bonet-Aracil, M.Á., (…), Lis, M.J., Coderch, L.

Influence of alkaline delignification time on the moisture uptake behaviour of hemp. Manich, A.M., Lis Arias, M.J., Pérez-Rentero, S., (…), Martí, M., Cayuela, D.

Inhibition of sphingosine 1-phosphate protects mice against chondrocyte catabolism and osteoarthritis. Cherifi, C., Latourte, A., Vettorazzi, S., (…), Hay, E., Cohen-Solal, M.

Letters to the editors. CASTELLANOS-MOREIRA, R., GOMEZ, A., HARO, I., (…), MARSAL, S., SANMARTI, R.

Lipid distribution on ethnic hairs by Fourier transform infrared synchrotron spectroscopy. Barba, C., Oliver, M.A., Martí, M., Kreuzer, M., Coderch, L.

Neuroprotection in early stages of Alzheimer’s disease is promoted by transthyretin angiogenic properties. Gião, T., Saavedra, J., Vieira, J.R., (…), Arsequell, G., Cardoso, I.

Remote local photoactivation of morphine produces analgesia without opioid-related adverse effects. López-Cano, M., Font, J., Aso, E., (…), Fernández-Dueñas, V., Ciruela, F.

Rhodiasolv PolarClean–a greener alternative in solid-phase peptide synthesis. Kumar, A., Sharma, A., de la Torre, B.G., Albericio, F.

Semaphorin 3a—glycosaminoglycans interaction as therapeutic target for axonal regeneration. Pérez, Y., Bonet, R., Corredor, M., (…), Bujons, J., Alfonso, I.

S‐methyl‐l‐ergothioneine to l‐ergothioneine ratio in urine is a marker of cystine lithiasis in a cystinuria mouse model. de Heredia, M.L., Muñoz, L., Carru, C., (…), Kato, Y., Nunes, V.

Synthesis of New Peptide-Based Ligands with 1,2-HOPO Pendant Chelators and Thermodynamic Evaluation of Their Iron(III) Complexes**. Al Shaer, D.M., Albericio, F., de la Torre, B.G.

Targeting transthyretin in Alzheimer’s disease: Drug discovery of small-molecule chaperones as disease-modifying drug candidates for Alzheimer’s disease. Cotrina, E.Y., Santos, L.M., Rivas, J., (…), Cardoso, I., Arsequell, G.

Tea bags for fmoc solid-phase peptide synthesis: An example of circular economy. Guzmán, F., Gauna, A., Roman, T., (…), Albericio, F., Cárdenas, C.


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