Artículos IQAC Mayo

Biological and clinical significance of quorum sensing alkylquinolones: current analytical and bioanalytical methods for their quantification. Montagut, E.J., Marco, M.P.

EcoRII Restriction Endonuclease Forms Specific Contacts to the Bases of Its Target Sequence Flipped from DNA in a Transition Complex with Photoactivatable Substrates. Kirsanova, O.V., Subach, F.V., Loiko, A.G., Eritja, R.I., Gromova, E.S.

Enzymatic Synthesis of Phloretin α-Glucosides Using a Sucrose Phosphorylase Mutant and its Effect on Solubility, Antioxidant Properties and Skin Absorption. Gonzalez-Alfonso, J.L., Ubiparip, Z., Jimenez-Ortega, E., (…), Desmet, T., Plou, F.J.

Fish Oil Improves Pathway-Oriented Profiling of Lipid Mediators for Maintaining Metabolic Homeostasis in Adipose Tissue of Prediabetic Rats. Dasilva, G., Lois, S., Méndez, L., (…), Torres, J.L., Medina, I.

Fungal degradation of selected medium to highly polar pesticides by Trametes versicolor: kinetics, biodegradation pathways, and ecotoxicity of treated waters. Hu, K., Barbieri, M.V., López-García, E., (…), Caminal, G., Sarrà, M.

Hybrid cyclobutane/proline-containing peptidomimetics: The conformational constraint influences their cell-penetration ability. Illa, O., Ospina, J., Sánchez-Aparicio, J.-E., (…), Royo, M., Ortuño, R.M.

Influence of alkaline delignification on moisture uptake behavior and bonding enthalpies of hemp. Manich, A.M., Lis, M.J., Perez-Rentero, S., (…), Marti, M., Cayuela, D.

Interactions between rheumatoid arthritis antibodies are associated with the response to anti-tumor necrosis factor therapy. Julià, A., López-Lasanta, M., Blanco, F., (…), Sanmartí, R., Marsal, S.

Polymeric Composite Dressings Containing Calcium-Releasing Nanoparticles Accelerate Wound Healing in Diabetic Mice. Perez-Amodio, S., Rubio, N., Vila, O.F., (…), Blanco, J., Engel, E.

Preparation of Lipid-Conjugated siRNA Oligonucleotides for Enhanced Gene Inhibition in Mammalian Cells. Grijalvo, S., Ocampo, S.M., Perales, J.C., Eritja, R.

Synthesis of a precursor of D-fagomine by immobilized fructose-6-phosphate aldolase. Masdeu, G., Vázquez, L.M., López-Santín, J., (…), Álvaro, G., Guillén, M.

Synthesis of γ-Hydroxy-α-amino Acid Derivatives by Enzymatic Tandem Aldol Addition-Transamination Reactions. Moreno, C.J., Hernández, K., Charnok, S.J., (…), Parella, T., Clapés, P.

The gene silencing of IRF5 and BLYSS effectively modulates the outcome of experimental lupus nephritis. Guiteras, J., Ripoll, É., Bolaños, N., (…), Grinyó, J.M., Torras, J.

Thermostability Engineering of a Class II Pyruvate Aldolase from Escherichia coli by in Vivo Folding Interference. Bosch, S., Sanchez-Freire, E., Del Pozo, M.L., (…), Berenguer, J., Hidalgo, A.


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