Artículos IQAC Marzo

2020 FDA TIDES (peptides and oligonucleotides) harvest. Musaimi, O.A., Shaer, D.A., Albericio, F., de la Torre, B.G.

A cascade reaction for the synthesis of D-fagomine precursor revisited: Kinetic insight and understanding of the system. Sudar, M., Česnik, M., Clapés, P., (…), Vasić-Rački, Đ., Findrik Blažević, Z.

Amino Acylguanidines as Bioinspired Catalysts for the Asymmetric Aldol Reaction. Jimeno, C.

Antifungal activity of amino-alcohols based cationic surfactants and in silico, homology modeling, docking and molecular dynamics studies against lanosterol 14-α-demethylase enzyme. Hafidi, Z., El achouri, M., O.Sousa, F.F., Pérez, L.

Application of Quality by Design to the robust preparation of a liposomal GLA formulation by DELOS-susp method. Merlo-Mas, J., Tomsen-Melero, J., Corchero, J.-L., (…), Ventosa, N., Córdoba, A.

Carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1C negatively regulates the endocannabinoid hydrolase ABHD6 in mice, depending on nutritional status. Miralpeix, C., Reguera, A.C., Fosch, A., (…), Casals, N., Rodríguez-Rodríguez, R.

Development of anacardic acid-loaded zein nanoparticles: Physical chemical characterization, stability and antimicrobial improvement. Araujo, J.T.C.D., Martin-Pastor, M., Pérez, L., Pinazo, A., Sousa, F.F.O.D.

Discovery of deoxyceramide analogs as highly selective ACER3 inhibitors in live cells. Bielsa, N., Casasampere, M., Aseeri, M., (…), Abad, J.L., Fabriàs, G.

Extracellular vesicles from recombinant cell factories improve the activity and efficacy of enzymes defective in lysosomal storage disorders. Seras-Franzoso, J., Díaz-Riascos, Z.V., Corchero, J.L., (…), Schwartz, S., Abasolo, I.

G-quadruplex binding properties of a potent PARP-1 inhibitor derived from 7-azaindole-1-carboxamide. Dallavalle, S., Musso, L., Artali, R., (…), Gargallo, R., Mazzini, S.

Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (4th edition). Klionsky, D.J., Abdel-Aziz, A.K., Abdelfatah, S., (…), Stallings, C.L., Tong, C.-K.

Interaction of cationic surfactants with DPPC membranes: effect of a novel N α-benzoylated arginine-based compound. Hermet, M., Elisa Fait, M., Vazquez, R.F., (…), Morcelle, S.R., Bakas, L.

Oligonucleotides Containing 1-Aminomethyl or 1-Mercaptomethyl-2-deoxy- d -ribofuranoses: Synthesis, Purification, Characterization, and Conjugation with Fluorophores and Lipids. Martín-Nieves, V., Fàbrega, C., Guasch, M., (…), Ferrero, M., Eritja, R.

Palindromic rheumatism: a unique and enigmatic entity with a complex relationship with rheumatoid arthritis. Sanmartí, R., Haro, I., Cañete, J.D.

pH-responsive chitosan nanofilms crosslinked with genipin. Miras, J., Liu, C., Blomberg, E., (…), Vílchez, S., Esquena, J.

Propylphosphonic Anhydride (T3P®) as Coupling Reagent for Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis. Al Musaimi, O., Wisdom, R., Talbiersky, P., De La Torre, B.G., Albericio, F.

Prospects on coupling UV/H2O2 with activated sludge or a fungal treatment for the removal of pharmaceutically active compounds in real hospital wastewater. Mir-Tutusaus, J.A., Jaén-Gil, A., Barceló, D., (…), Caminal, G., Sarrà, M.

s-Triazine: A Privileged Structure for Drug Discovery and Bioconjugation. Sharma, A., Sheyi, R., de la Torre, B.G., El-Faham, A., Albericio, F.

Studies on the interactions of Ag(i) with DNA and their implication on the DNA-templated synthesis of silver nanoclusters and on the interaction with complementary DNA and RNA sequences. Hoz, A.D.L., Navarro, A., Aviñó, A., Eritja, R., Gargallo, R.

The Antiproliferative and Apoptotic Effect of a Novel Synthesized S-Triazine Dipeptide Series, and Toxicity Screening in Zebrafish Embryos. Malebari, A.M., Abd Alhameed, R., Almarhoon, Z., (…), Albericio, F., El-Faham, A.


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