Artículos IDAEA Marzo

A data independent acquisition all ion fragmentation mode tool for the suspect screening of natural toxins in surface water. Picardo, M., Núñez, O., Farré, M.

A European aerosol phenomenology – 7: High-time resolution chemical characteristics of submicron particulate matter across Europe. Bressi, M., Cavalli, F., Putaud, J.P., (…), Minguillón, M.C., Prevot, A.S.H.

A multidisciplinary study and palaeoenvironmental interpretation of middle Miocene Keles lignite (Harmancık Basin, NW Turkey), with emphasis on syngenetic zeolite formation. Çelik, Y., Karayigit, A.I., Oskay, R.G., (…), Hower, J.C., Querol, X.

A proposal to classify and assess ecological status in mediterranean temporary rivers: Research insights to solve management needs. Munne, A., Bonada, N., Cid, N., (…), Vega, R., Prat, N.

A reconnaissance study of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, perfluoroalkyl substances and organophosphorus flame retardants in the aquatic environment, wild plants and vegetables of two Saudi Arabia urban areas: Environmental and human health risk assessment. Picó, Y., Campo, J., Alfarhan, A.H., El-Sheikh, M.A., Barceló, D.

Adapting participatory processes in temporary rivers management. Soria, M., Bonada, N., Ballester, A., (…), Prat, N., Cid, N.

An experimental investigation on the poroelastic response of a water-saturated limestone to hydrostatic compression. Ahmadinejad, A., Kivi, I.R.

Analysis of Dechlorane Plus and related compounds in gull eggs by GC-HRMS using a novel atmospheric pressure photoionization source. Ayala-Cabrera, J.F., Lacorte, S., Moyano, E., Santos, F.J.

Androgenic activation, impairment of the monoaminergic system and altered behavior in zebrafish larvae exposed to environmental concentrations of fenitrothion. Faria, M., Prats, E., Rosas Ramírez, J.R., (…), Gómez Oliván, L.M., Raldua, D.

Antibiotic and antibiotic-resistant gene loads in swine slurries and their digestates: Implications for their use as fertilizers in agriculture. Sanz, C., Casado, M., Navarro-Martin, L., (…), Bayona, J.M., Piña, B.

Changes in black carbon emissions over Europe due to COVID-19 lockdowns. Evangeliou, N., Platt, S.M., Eckhardt, S., (…), Wiedensohler, A., Stohl, A.

Compounds of emerging concern as new plant stressors linked to water reuse and biosolid application in agriculture. Mansilla, S., Portugal, J., Bayona, J.M., (…), Vidal, G., Piña, B.

Conclusions and future perspectives. Pérez, S., Chiron, S., Barceló, D., Montemurro, N., Eichhorn, P.

Cyanobacteria and their secondary metabolites in three freshwater reservoirs in the United Kingdom. Filatova, D., Jones, M.R., Haley, J.A., (…), Farré, M., Janssen, E.M.-L.

Development of methods for the determination of phacs in soil/earthworm/crop system irrigated with reclaimed water. Manasfi, R., Labad, F., Montemurro, N.

D-InSAR monitoring of ground deformation related to the dewatering of construction sites. A case study of Glòries Square, Barcelona. Botey i Bassols, J., Vàzquez-Suñé, E., Crosetto, M., Barra, A., Gerard, P.

Ecotoxicological impact of the antihypertensive valsartan on earthworms, extracellular enzymes and soil bacterial communities. Gallego, S., Nos, D., Montemurro, N., (…), Solé, M., Martin-Laurent, F.

Enrichment of Li-Ga-Zr-Hf and Se-Mo-Cr-V-As-Pb assemblages in the no. 11 superhigh organic sulfur coal from the sangshuping coal mine, Weibei Coalfield, Shaanxi, North China. Li, J., Wu, P., Yang, G., (…), Li, B., Shangguan, Y.

Geological controls on enrichment of rare earth elements and yttrium (Rey) in late permian coals and non-coal rocks in the xian’an coalfield, guangxi province. Zhang, F., Li, B., Zhuang, X., (…), Zhou, J., Liao, J.

Groundwater quality changes in peri-urban areas of the Walloon region of Belgium. Gesels, J., Dollé, F., Leclercq, J., Jurado, A., Brouyère, S.

Human health risk assessment of arsenic and trace metals in atmospheric dust of Arak industrial area, Iran. Taati, A., Salehi, M.H., Mohammadi, J., Mohajer, R., Díez, S.

Impacts of Use and abuse of nature in catalonia with proposals for sustainable management. Peñuelas, J., Germain, J., Álvarez, E., (…), Vilaplana, J.M., Vinyoles, D.

Lessons from the COVID-19 air pollution decrease in Spain: Now what? Querol, X., Massagué, J., Alastuey, A., (…), Javato, R., Cornide, M.J.

Metabolism of pharmaceuticals in plants and their associated microbiota. Sauvêtre, A., Eichhorn, P., Pérez, S.

Microplastics from headwaters to tap water: occurrence and removal in a drinking water treatment plant in Barcelona Metropolitan area (Catalonia, NE Spain). Dalmau-Soler, J., Ballesteros-Cano, R., Boleda, M.ªR., (…), Ferrer, N., Lacorte, S.

Mine waters as a secondary source of rare earth elements worldwide: The case of the Iberian Pyrite Belt. León, R., Macías, F., R. Cánovas, C., (…), Nieto, J.M., Olías, M.

Multi-residue Methodologies for the Analysis of Non-polar Pesticides in Water and Sediment Matrices by GC–MS/MS. Peris, A., Eljarrat, E.

Non-target screening and novel methods based on mass spectrometry detection for identification of unknown disinfection byproducts. Postigo, C., Richardson, S.D.

Organic profiles of brake wear particles. Alves, C., Evtyugina, M., Vicente, A., Conca, E., Amato, F.

Prospects on coupling UV/H2O2 with activated sludge or a fungal treatment for the removal of pharmaceutically active compounds in real hospital wastewater. Mir-Tutusaus, J.A., Jaén-Gil, A., Barceló, D., (…), Caminal, G., Sarrà, M.

Responses of Coastal Marine Microbiomes Exposed to Anthropogenic Dissolved Organic Carbon. Cerro-Gálvez, E., Dachs, J., Lundin, D., (…), Sebastián, M., Vila-Costa, M.

Series preface. Barceló, D., Kostianoy, A.G.

Sources of pharmaceuticals in water. Parra-Saldivar, R., Castillo-Zacarías, C., Bilal, M., Iqbal, H.M.N., Barceló, D.

The case of a southern European glacier which survived Roman and medieval warm periods but is disappearing under recent warming. Moreno, A., Bartolomé, M., Ignacio López-Moreno, J., (…), Alastuey, A., García-Ruíz, J.M.

The effect of meteorological conditions and atmospheric composition in the occurrence and development of new particle formation (NPF) events in Europe. Bousiotis, D., Brean, J., Pope, F.D., (…), Tuch, T., Harrison, R.M.

The impact of hydrogeological features on the performance of underground pumped-storage hydropower (Upsh). Pujades, E., Poulain, A., Orban, P., Goderniaux, P., Dassargues, A.

The journey of human drugs from their design at the bench to their fate in crops. Montemurro, N., Peña-Herrera, J.M., Ginebreda, A., Eichhorn, P., Pérez, S.

Toxicity assessment of industrial engineered and airborne process-generated nanoparticles in a 3D human airway epithelial in vitro model. Bessa, M.J., Brandão, F., Fokkens, P., (…), Teixeira, J.P., Fraga, S.

Transmission of COVID-19 in 282 clusters in Catalonia, Spain: a cohort study. Marks, M., Millat-Martinez, P., Ouchi, D., (…), Clotet, B., Mitjà, O.

Understanding the local and remote source contributions to ambient O3 during a pollution episode using a combination of experimental approaches in the Guadalquivir valley, southern Spain. in ‘t Veld, M., Carnerero, C., Massagué, J., (…), Millán, M., Querol, X.

Untargeted metabolomics of prostate cancer zwitterionic and positively charged compounds in urine. Cerrato, A., Bedia, C., Capriotti, A.L., (…), Tauler, R., Laganà, A.

Urban groundwater contamination by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Jurado, A., Vázquez-Suñé, E., Pujades, E.

Utilization of boiler slag from pulverized-coal-combustion power plants in China for manufacturing acoustic materials. Li, J., Zhuang, X., Leiva, C., (…), Font, O., Pereira, C.F.

We need a global science-policy body on chemicals and waste. Wang, Z., Altenburger, R., Backhaus, T., (…), Soehl, A., Suzuki, N.


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