Artículos IDAEA Febrero

Aircraft vertical profiles during summertime regional and Saharan dust scenarios over the north-western Mediterranean basin: Aerosol optical and physical properties. Yus-Díez, J., Ealo, M., Pandolfi, M., (…), Querol, X., Alastuey, A.

Analytical Solution to Assess the Induced Seismicity Potential of Faults in Pressurized and Depleted Reservoirs. Wu, H., Vilarrasa, V., De Simone, S., Saaltink, M., Parisio, F.

Antipsychotics as environmental pollutants: An underrated threat? Escudero, J., Muñoz, J.L., Morera-Herreras, T., (…), Orive, G., Lertxundi, U.

Boosting pharmaceutical removal through aeration in constructed wetlands. Ávila, C., García-Galán, M.J., Uggetti, E., (…), García, J., Postigo, C.

Comprehensive evaluation of potential coal mine dust emissions in an open-pit coal mine in Northwest China. Trechera, P., Moreno, T., Córdoba, P., (…), Kelly, F., Querol, X.

Ecology of oxidative stress in the Danube barbel (Barbus balcanicus) from a winegrowing district: Effects of water parameters, trace and rare earth elements on biochemical biomarkers. Pastorino, P., Pizzul, E., Barceló, D., (…), Prearo, M., Elia, A.C.

Ecotoxicological impact of the antihypertensive valsartan on earthworms, extracellular enzymes and soil bacterial communities. Gallego, S., Nos, D., Montemurro, N., (…), Solé, M., Martin-Laurent, F.

Effect of acid mine drainage (AMD) on the alteration of hydrated Portland cement and calcareous sandstone. Gutiérrez-León, J., Cama, J., Queralt, I., Jiménez, J.A., Soler, J.M.

Enrichment of Li-Ga-Zr-Hf and Se-Mo-Cr-V-As-Pb assemblages in the no. 11 superhigh organic sulfur coal from the sangshuping coal mine, Weibei Coalfield, Shaanxi, North China. Li, J., Wu, P., Yang, G., (…), Li, B., Shangguan, Y.

Exhaustive characterization of (semi-)volatile organic contaminants in car dust using comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography ‒ Time-of-flight mass spectrometry. Hurtado-Fernández, E., Velázquez-Gómez, M., Lacorte, S., Ramos, L.

Impacts of Use and abuse of nature in catalonia with proposals for sustainable management. Peñuelas, J., Germain, J., Álvarez, E., (…), Vilaplana, J.M., Vinyoles, D.

Nano-TiO2 phototoxicity in fresh and seawater: Daphnia magna and artemia sp. as proxies. de la Vega, A.C.S., Cruz-Alcalde, A., Mazón, C.S., Martí, C.B., Diaz-Cruz, M.S.

Organophosphate esters in airborne particles from subway stations. Olivero-Verbel, R., Moreno, T., Fernández-Arribas, J., (…), Johnson-Restrepo, B., Eljarrat, E.

Prospects on coupling UV/H2O2 with activated sludge or a fungal treatment for the removal of pharmaceutically active compounds in real hospital wastewater. Mir-Tutusaus, J.A., Jaén-Gil, A., Barceló, D., (…), Caminal, G., Sarrà, M.

Quantifying traffic, biomass burning and secondary source contributions to atmospheric particle number concentrations at urban and suburban sites. Casquero-Vera, J.A., Lyamani, H., Titos, G., (…), Olmo, F.J., Alados-Arboledas, L.

Recent advances in comparative epigenetics. Navarro-Martín, L., Martyniuk, C.J., Mennigen, J.A.

Size effect on the hydraulic behavior of fluid flow through a single rough-walled fracture. Zhong, Z., Wang, L., Song, L., (…), Rodriguez-Dono, A., Lou, R.

Source contribution and origin of PM10 and arsenic in a complex industrial region (Huelva, SW Spain). Millán-Martínez, M., Sánchez-Rodas, D., Sánchez de la Campa, A.M., (…), Querol, X., de la Rosa, J.D.

The embodiment of wastewater data for the estimation of illicit drug consumption in Spain. Bijlsma, L., Picó, Y., Andreu, V., (…), Ventura, M., Quintana, J.B.

The Loma de Hierro Ni-laterite deposit (Venezuela): Mineralogical and chemical composition. Domènech, C., Galí, S., Soler, J.M., (…), Villanova-de-Benavent, C., Proenza, J.A.

Ultratrace determination of metal ions using graphene oxide/carbon nanotubes loaded cellulose membranes and total-reflection X-ray fluorescence spectrometry: A green chemistry approach. Musielak, M., Kocot, K., Zawisza, B., (…), Walczak, B., Sitko, R.


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