Artículos IQAC Diciembre

Aggregation behavior, antibacterial activity and biocompatibility of catanionic assemblies based on amino acid‐derived surfactants. Pérez, L., Pinazo, A., Morán, M.C., Pons, R.

An Assay for Screening Potential Drug Candidates for Alzheimer’s Disease That Act as Chaperones of the Transthyretin and Amyloid-β Peptides Interaction. Cotrina, E.Y., Gimeno, A., Llop, J., (…), Cardoso, I., Arsequell, G.

An innovative route for the production of atorvastatin side-chain precursor by DERA-catalysed double aldol addition. Švarc, A., Fekete, M., Hernandez, K., (…), Charnock, S.J., Presečki, A.V.

Anti-carbamylated protein antibody isotype pattern differs between palindromic rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis. Castellanos-Moreira, R., Rodriguez-Garcia, S.C., Cabrera-Villalba, S., (…), Haro, I., Sanmarti, R.

Biocatalytic Construction of Quaternary Centers by Aldol Addition of 3,3-Disubstituted 2-Oxoacid Derivatives to Aldehydes. Marín-Valls, R., Hernández, K., Bolte, M., (…), Bujons, J., Clapés, P.

Cholesterol in the Viral Membrane is a Molecular Switch Governing HIV-1 Env Clustering. Nieto-Garai, J.A., Arboleya, A., Otaegi, S., (…), Kräusslich, H.-G., Lorizate, M.

Design and engineering of tumor-targeted, dual-acting cytotoxic nanoparticles. Voltà-Durán, E., Serna, N., Sánchez-García, L., (…), Villaverde, A., Unzueta, U.

Disulfide-Based Protecting Groups for the Cysteine Side Chain. Chakraborty, A., Sharma, A., Albericio, F., De La Torre, B.G.

Gels formed from the interaction of lipid vesicles: Influence of charge in their structural and rheological properties. Talló, K., Vílchez, S., Pons, R., López, O.

High-Throughput Immunochemical Method to Assess the 2-Heptyl-4-quinolone Quorum Sensing Molecule as a Potential Biomarker of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Infections. Montagut, E.J., Vilaplana, L., Martin-Gomez, M.T., Marco, M.P.

In the Search for Photocages Cleavable with Visible Light: An Overview of Recent Advances and Chemical Strategies. Josa-Culleré, L., Llebaria, A.

In Vitro Anticancer Effects of Cinnamomum verum J. Presl, Cinnamaldehyde, 4 Hydroxycinnamic Acid and Eugenol on an Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cell Line

Insights into the chemistry of the amphibactin–metal (M3+) interaction and its role in antibiotic resistance. Kaipanchery, V., Sharma, A., Albericio, F., de la Torre, B.G.

Insights on cross-species transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from structural modeling. Rodrigues, J.P.G.L.M., Barrera-Vilarmau, S., M C Teixeira, J., (…), Kastritis, P.L., Levitt, M.

Inter-Individual Variability in Insulin Response after Grape Pomace Supplementation in Subjects at High Cardiometabolic Risk: Role of Microbiota and miRNA. Ramos-Romero, S., Léniz, A., Martínez-Maqueda, D., (…), Portillo, M.P., Pérez-Jiménez, J.

Mimetics of extra virgin olive oil phenols with anti-cancer stem cell activity. Cuyàs, E., Gumuzio, J., Lozano-Sánchez, J., (…), Martin, ÁG., Menendez, J.A.

Preparative scale production of recombinant human transthyretin for biophysical studies of protein-ligand and protein-protein interactions. Cotrina, E.Y., Vilà, M., Nieto, J., Arsequell, G., Planas, A.

Remediation of bentazone contaminated water by Trametes versicolor: Characterization, identification of transformation products, and implementation in a trickle-bed reactor under non-sterile conditions. García-Vara, M., Hu, K., Postigo, C., (…), Sarrà, M., López de Alda, M.

Screening of extra virgin olive oil-in-bitter orange juice (O/W) nano-emulsions stabilized with different food-grade surfactants: A model system for natural daily use salad dressing. Yalçinöz, Ş., Erçelebi, E., Solans, C., Tadros, T.

Sorting hidden patterns in nanoparticle performance for glioblastoma using machine learning algorithms. Basso, J., Mendes, M., Silva, J., (…), Pais, A., Vitorino, C.

Study of alkaloid berberine and its interaction with the human telomeric i-motif DNA structure. Gargallo, R., Aviñó, A., Eritja, R., (…), Scaglioni, L., Taborsky, P.

The Aqueous Surface as an Efficient Transient Stop for the Reactivity of Gaseous NO2in Liquid Water. Martins-Costa, M.T.C., Anglada, J.M., Francisco, J.S., Ruiz-López, M.F.


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