Artículos IQAC Agosto

Biocompatible Nanovector of siRNA Consisting of Arginine-Based Cationic Lipid for Gene Knockdown in Cancer Cells. Sánchez-Arribas, N., Martínez-Negro, M., Villar, E.M., (…), Guerrero-Martínez, A., Junquera, E.

Catanionic mixtures of surface-active ionic liquids and N-lauroyl sarcosinate: Surface adsorption, aggregation behavior and microbial toxicity. Garcia, M.T., Ribosa, I., Gonzalez, J.J., Comelles, F.

Combining biological processes with UV/H2O2 for metoprolol and metoprolol acid removal in hospital wastewater. Jaén-Gil, A., Buttiglieri, G., Benito, A., (…), Sarrà, M., Rodriguez-Mozaz, S.

Computing, Analyzing, and Comparing the Radius of Gyration and Hydrodynamic Radius in Conformational Ensembles of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins. Ahmed, M.C., Crehuet, R., Lindorff-Larsen, K.

Desulfitative Thioalkylation of Alkenes. Cao, L., Jimeno, C., Renaud, P.

Detection of a g-quadruplex as a regulatory element in thymidylate synthase for gene silencing using polypurine reverse hoogsteen hairpins. Aubets, E., Félix, A.J., Garavís, M., (…), Ciudad, C.J., Noé, V.

Eco-friendly printing paste replacing urea-based formulations in cotton printing. Vílchez, S., López, A., Miras, J., (…), Genís, E., Esquena, J.

Fast and accurate pneumocystis pneumonia diagnosis in human samples using a label-free plasmonic biosensor. Calvo-Lozano, O., Aviñó, A., Friaza, V., (…), Eritja, R., Lechuga, L.M.

Hypervalent iodine in the structure of N-heterocycles: synthesis, structure, and application in organic synthesis. Vlasenko, Y.А., Yusubov, M.S., Shafir, A., Postnikov, P.S.

N-Butylpyrrolidinone for Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis is Environmentally Friendlier and Synthetically Better than DMF. Kumar, A., Alhassan, M., Lopez, J., Albericio, F., de la Torre, B.G.

Non-viral mediated gene therapy in human cystic fibrosis airway epithelial cells recovers chloride channel functionality. Sainz-Ramos, M., Villate-Beitia, I., Gallego, I., (…), Puras, G., Pedraz, J.L.

Photoswitchable Antagonists for a Precise Spatiotemporal Control of β2-Adrenoceptors. Duran-Corbera, A., Catena, J., Otero-Viñas, M., Llebaria, A., Rovira, X.

Physicochemical surface analysis and germination at different irrigation conditions of DBD plasma-treated wheat seeds. Molina, R., Lalueza, A., López-Santos, C., (…), de Geyter, N., González-Elipe, A.R.

Short and ultrashort antimicrobial peptides anchored onto soft commercial contact lenses inhibit bacterial adhesion. Salvagni, E., García, C., Manresa, À., (…), García-Celma, M.J., Esquena, J.

Solid-phase synthesis of peptides containing 1-Hydroxypyridine-2-one (1,2-HOPO). Al Shaer, D., Albericio, F., de la Torre, B.G.

Sphingosine-1-phosphate lyase (SGPL1) deficiency is associated with mitochondrial dysfunction. Maharaj, A., Williams, J., Bradshaw, T., (…), Metherell, L.A., Prasad, R.

The Power of Iodane-Guided C−H Coupling: A Group-Transfer Strategy in Which a Halogen Works for Its Money. Chen, W.W., Cuenca, A.B., Shafir, A.

Two chiral types of randomly rotated ommatidia are distributed across the retina of the flathead oak borer Coraebus undatus (Coleoptera: Buprestidae). Meglič, A., Ilić, M., Quero, C., Arikawa, K., Belušič, G.

Two-step reaction mechanism reveals new antioxidant capability of cysteine disulfides against hydroxyl radical attack. Adhikari, S., Crehuet, R., Anglada, J.M., Francisco, J.S., Xia, Y.


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