Artículos IDAEA Julio

Addressing the analytical challenges for the detection of ciguatoxins using an electrochemical biosensor. Leonardo, S., Gaiani, G., Tsumuraya, T., (…), Alcaraz, C., Campàs, M.

Air quality mitigation in European cities: Status and challenges ahead. Viana, M., de Leeuw, F., Bartonova, A., (…), Ozturk, E., González Ortiz, A.

Anthropogenic dissolved organic carbon and marine microbiomes. Vila-Costa, M., Cerro-Gálvez, E., Martínez-Varela, A., Casas, G., Dachs, J.

Assessing population exposure to phthalate plasticizers in thirteen Spanish cities through the analysis of wastewater. González-Mariño, I., Ares, L., Montes, R., (…), Etxebarria, N., Quintana, J.B.

Assessment and Prediction of Pore-Scale Reactive Mixing From Experimental Conservative Transport Data. Perez, L.J., Hidalgo, J.J., Puyguiraud, A., Jiménez-Martínez, J., Dentz, M.

Association of short-term exposure to air pollution with mortality in a middle eastern tourist city. Khosravi, T., Hadei, M., Hopke, P.K., (…), Yarahmadi, M., Kermani, M.

Cellulose mini-membranes modified with TiO2 for separation, determination, and speciation of arsenates and selenites. Zawisza, B., Sitko, R., Queralt, I., Margui, E., Gagor, A.

Comparison of numerical codes for coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical simulations of fractured media. Zareidarmiyan, A., Salarirad, H., Vilarrasa, V., (…), Lee, J., Min, K.-B.

COST Lecture 2019 AE GM Barcelona: International Network to Encourage the Use of Monitoring and Forecasting Dust Products (InDust). Nemuc, A., Basart, S., Tobias, A., (…), Waldhauserová, P.D., Monteiro, A.

Drugs of abuse and their metabolites in river sediments: Analysis, occurrence in four Spanish river basins and environmental risk assessment. López-García, E., Mastroianni, N., Ponsà-Borau, N., (…), Postigo, C., López de Alda, M.

Effects of prescription antibiotics on soil- and root-associated microbiomes and resistomes in an agricultural context. Cerqueira, F., Christou, A., Fatta-Kassinos, D., (…), Bayona, J.M., Piña, B.

Evaluation of ketoprofen toxicity in two freshwater species: Effects on biochemical, physiological and population endpoints. Alkimin, G.D., Soares, A.M.V.M., Barata, C., Nunes, B.

First nation-wide estimation of tobacco consumption in Spain using wastewater-based epidemiology. Montes, R., Rodil, R., Rico, A., (…), Valcárcel, Y., Quintana, J.B.

Free and open-source GIS-integrated hydrogeological analysis tool: an application for coastal aquifer systems. Perdikaki, M., Manjarrez, R.C., Pouliaris, C., Rossetto, R., Kallioras, A.

Fungal bioremediation of diuron-contaminated waters: Evaluation of its degradation and the effect of amendable factors on its removal in a trickle-bed reactor under non-sterile conditions. Hu, K., Torán, J., López-García, E., (…), Sarrà, M., Blánquez, P.

Geochemical and isotopic study of abiotic nitrite reduction coupled to biologically produced Fe(II) oxidation in marine environments. Benaiges-Fernandez, R., Offeddu, F.G., Margalef-Marti, R., (…), Otero, N., Cama, J.

Insights on the metabolization of the antidepressant venlafaxine by meagre (Argyrosomus regius) using a combined target and suspect screening approach. Santos, L.H.M.L.M., Maulvault, A.L., Jaén-Gil, A., (…), Barceló, D., Rodríguez-Mozaz, S.

Investigating young water fractions in a small Mediterranean mountain catchment: Both precipitation forcing and sampling frequency matter. Gallart, F., Valiente, M., Llorens, P., (…), Sprenger, M., Latron, J.

MCR-ALS analysis of 1H NMR spectra by segments to study the zebrafish exposure to acrylamide. Pérez, Y., Casado, M., Raldúa, D., (…), Alfonso, I., Puig-Castellví, F.

Microalgae-based bioremediation of water contaminated by pesticides in peri-urban agricultural areas. García-Galán, M.J., Monllor-Alcaraz, L.S., Postigo, C., (…), Díez-Montero, R., García, J.

Multiresidue method for the determination of high production volume plastic additives in river waters. Bolívar-Subirats, G., Cortina-Puig, M., Lacorte, S.

Multivariate curve resolution of multiway data using the multilinearity constraint. Tauler, R.

Nested shallow geothermal systems. García-Gil, A., Moreno, M.M., Schneider, E.G., (…), Lázaro, J.M., Navarro, J.A.S.

Occurrence and human health risk assessment of antibiotics and their metabolites in vegetables grown in field-scale agricultural systems. Tadić, Bleda Hernandez, M.J., Cerqueira, F., (…), Piña, B., Bayona, J.M.

Occurrence of Halogenated and Organophosphate Flame Retardants in Sediments and Eels (Anguilla anguilla) From Bizerte Lagoon, Tunisia. Mekni, S., Barhoumi, B., Touil, S., Driss, M.R., Eljarrat, E.

Particle size distributions and hygroscopic restructuring of ultrafine particles emitted during thermal spraying. Salmatonidis, A., Viana, M., Biskos, G., Bezantakos, S.

Pollution assessment and spatial distribution of trace elements in soils of Arak industrial area, Iran: Implications for human health. Taati, A., Salehi, M.H., Mohammadi, J., Mohajer, R., Díez, S.

Probability density function (PDF) models for particle transport in porous media. Icardi, M., Dentz, M.

Reactive barriers for renaturalization of reclaimed water during soil aquifer treatment. Valhondo, C., Carrera, J., Martínez-Landa, L., (…), Levantesi, C., Diaz-Cruz, M.S.

Relationship of weather types on the seasonal and spatial variability of rainfall, runoff, and sediment yield in the western Mediterranean basin. Peña-Angulo, D., Nadal-Romero, E., González-Hidalgo, J.C., (…), Zabaleta, A., Zorn, M.

Rethinking and optimising plastic waste management under COVID-19 pandemic: Policy solutions based on redesign and reduction of single-use plastics and personal protective equipment. Patrício Silva, A.L., Prata, J.C., Walker, T.R., (…), Barcelò, D., Rocha-Santos, T.

The geology, mineralogy, petrography, and geochemistry of the Miocene Dursunbey coal within fluvio-lacustrine deposits, Balıkesir (Western Turkey). Karayigit, A.I., Bircan, C., Oskay, R.G., Türkmen, İ., Querol, X.

The role of rice fields and constructed wetlands as a source and a sink of pesticides and contaminants of emerging concern: Full-scale evaluation. Matamoros, V., Caiola, N., Rosales, V., Hernández, O., Ibáñez, C.

Untargeted metabolomics changes on Gammarus pulex induced by propranolol, triclosan, and nimesulide pharmaceutical drugs. Sheikholeslami, M.N., Gómez-Canela, C., Barron, L.P., (…), Vosough, M., Tauler, R.

Upscaling non-linear reactive transport in correlated velocity fields. Massoudieh, A., Dentz, M.

Volatile Dimethylsiloxanes in Aquatic Systems. Sanchís, J., Farré, M.


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