Artículos IQAC Marzo

Anti-carbamylated proteins antibody repertoire in rheumatoid arthritis: Evidence of a new autoantibody linked to interstitial lung disease. Castellanos-Moreira, R., Rodríguez-Garciá, S.C., Gomara, M.J., (…), Haro, I., Sanmarti, R.

Biomedical perfluorohexane-loaded nanocapsules prepared by low-energy emulsification and selective solvent diffusion. Calderó, G., Rodríguez-Abreu, C., González, A., (…), García-Celma, M.J., Solans, C.

Biomimetic Synthesis of Sub-20 nm Covalent Organic Frameworks in Water. Franco, C., Rodríguez-San-Miguel, D., Sorrenti, A., (…), Zamora, F., Puigmartí-Luis, J.

Ceramide Analogue SACLAC Modulates Sphingolipid Levels and MCL-1 Splicing to Induce Apoptosis in Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Pearson, J.M., Tan, S.-F., Sharma, A., (…), Feith, D.J., Loughran, T.P.

DAPLE protein inhibits nucleotide exchange on Gαs and Gαq via the same motif that activates Gαi. Marivin, A., Maziarz, M., Zhao, J., (…), Ghosh, P., Garcia-Marcos, M.

Ethnic hair: Thermoanalytical and spectroscopic differences. Oliver, M.A., Coderch, L., Carrer, V., Barba, C., Marti, M.

Exploring the degradation capability of Trametes versicolor on selected hydrophobic pesticides through setting sights simultaneously on culture broth and biological matrix. Hu, K., Peris, A., Torán, J., (…), Blánquez, P., Caminal, G.

Key features of nano-emulsion formation by the phase inversion temperature method. Feng, J., Esquena, J., Rodriguez-Abreu, C., Solans, C.

Molecular Recognition of Zwitterions with Artificial Receptors. Alfonso, I., Solà, J.

Native Chemical Ligation via N-Acylurea Thioester Surrogates Obtained by Fmoc Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis. Palà-Pujadas, J., Blanco-Canosa, J.B.

Niosome-based approach for in situ gene delivery to retina and brain cortex as immune-privileged tissues. Al Qtaish, N., Gallego, I., Villate-Beitia, I., (…), Puras, G., Pedraz, J.L.

Productivity growth and efficiency changes in prawn-carp–rice farming in ‘Gher’ system in Bangladesh: A Färe-Primont index approach. Rahman, S., Barmon, B.K., Anik, A.R.

Stepwise mechanism for the bromination of arenes by a hypervalent iodine reagent. Granados, A., Shafir, A., Arrieta, A., Cossío, F.P., Vallribera, A.

Synthesis of Stable Cholesteryl-Polyethylene Glycol-Peptide Conjugates with Non-Disperse Polyethylene Glycol Lengths. Cristóbal-Lecina, E., Pulido, D., Martin-Malpartida, P., (…), Albericio, F., Royo, M.

Undiscovered Roles for Transthyretin: From a Transporter Protein to a New Therapeutic Target for Alzheimer’s Disease. Gião, T., Saavedra, J., Cotrina, E., (…), Arsequell, G., Cardoso, I.


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