Artículos IDAEA Febrero

A simple and sustainable portable triaxial energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence method for in situ multielemental analysis of mining water samples. Pessanha, S., Marguí, E., Carvalho, M.L., Queralt, I.

Application of supervised machine-learning methods for attesting provenance in catalan traditional pottery industry. Anglisano, A., Casas, L., Anglisano, M., Queralt, I.

Assessing vegetation recovery in reclaimed opencast mines of the Teruel coalfield (Spain) using Landsat time series and boosted regression trees. Vidal-Macua, J.J., Nicolau, J.M., Vicente, E., Moreno-de las Heras, M.

Athletes’ exposure to air pollution during World Athletics Relays: A pilot study. Reche, C., Viana, M., van Drooge, B.L., (…), Adami, P.E., Bermon, S.

Biomonitoring potential of the native aquatic plant Typha domingensis by predicting trace metals accumulation in the Egyptian Lake Burullus. Eid, E.M., Galal, T.M., Shaltout, K.H., (…), Picó, Y., Barcelo, D.

Bioremediation potential of Sargassum sp. biomass to tackle pollution in coastal ecosystems: Circular economy approach. Saldarriaga-Hernandez, S., Hernandez-Vargas, G., Iqbal, H.M.N., Barceló, D., Parra-Saldívar, R.

Characterization of organic aerosol at a rural site influenced by olive waste biomass burning. Pérez Pastor, R., Salvador, P., García Alonso, S., (…), Querol, X., Artíñano, B.

Characterizing the Influence of Fracture Density on Network Scale Transport. Sherman, T., Hyman, J., Dentz, M., Bolster, D.

Chemometrics and statistics | factor analysis multivariate curve resolution. Jafari, J.M., De Juan, A., Tauler, R.

Comparison of temperature–mortality associations using observed weather station and reanalysis data in 52 Spanish cities. Royé, D., Íñiguez, C., Tobías, A.

Compensatory indirect effects of an herbicide on wetland communities. Edge, C.B., Baker, L.F., Lanctôt, C.M., (…), Mudge, J.F., Houlahan, J.E.

Competition Is the Underlying Mechanism Controlling Viscous Fingering and Wormhole Growth. Cabeza, Y., Hidalgo, J.J., Carrera, J.

Corrigendum to Trace element fractionation between PM10 and PM2.5 in coal mine dust: Implications for occupational respiratory health’ (International Journal of Coal Geology (2019) 203 (52–59), (S0166516218307900), (10.1016/j.coal.2019.01.006)). Moreno, T., Trechera, P., Querol, X., (…), Wrana, A., Williamson, B.

Does the application of human waste as a fertilization material in agricultural production pose adverse effects on human health attributable to contaminants of emerging concern? Antić, I., Škrbić, B.D., Matamoros, V., Bayona, J.M.

Elucidating biotransformation pathways of ofloxacin in lettuce (Lactuca sativa L). Tadić, Đ., Gramblicka, M., Mistrik, R., (…), Piña, B., Bayona, J.M.

Food contamination on flame retardants. Aznar-Alemany, Ò., Eljarrat, E.

Geological controls on mineralogy and geochemistry of the permian and jurassic coals in the Shanbei coalfield, Shaanxi province, North China. Shangguan, Y., Zhuang, X., Li, J., (…), Yang, G., Pan, L.

Halogenated flame retardants in atmospheric particles from a North African coastal city (Bizerte, Tunisia): Pollution characteristics and human exposure. Barhoumi, B., Tedetti, M., Peris, A., (…), Driss, M.R., Eljarrat, E.

Introduction of emerging halogenated flame retardants in the environment. Ekpe, O.D., Choo, G., Barceló, D., Oh, J.-E.

Kinetics of contact processes under segregation. Aquino, T., Dentz, M.

Legacy and Emerging Brominated Flame Retardants in Bizerte Lagoon Murex (Hexaplex Trunculus): Levels and Human Health Risk Assessment. Ameur, W.B., Annabi, A., El Megdiche, Y., (…), Barceló, D., Eljarrat, E.

Lethal and sub-lethal effects of nanosized titanium dioxide particles on Hydropsyche exocellata Dufour, 1841. Torres-Garcia, D., Faria, M., Soares, A.M.V.M., (…), Sala, M., Cañedo-Argüelles, M.

Long-range and local air pollution: What can we learn from chemical speciation of particulate matter at paired sites? Pandolfi, M., Mooibroek, D., Hopke, P., (…), Tarasova, O., Colette, A.

Multiple temporal scales assessment in the hydrological response of small mediterranean-climate catchments. Fortesa, J., Latron, J., García-Comendador, J., (…), Calsamiglia, A., Estrany, J.

Physical and chemical properties of non-exhaust particles generated from wear between pavements and tyres. Alves, C.A., Vicente, A.M.P., Calvo, A.I., (…), Pio, C., Gustafsson, M.

Publisher Correction: Therapeutic potential of N-acetylcysteine in acrylamide acute neurotoxicity in adult zebrafish (Scientific Reports, (2019), 9, 1, (16467), 10.1038/s41598-019-53154-w). Faria, M., Prats, E., Gómez-Canela, C., (…), Gómez-Oliván, L.M., Raldúa, D.

Relationship between indoor and outdoor size-fractionated particulate matter in urban microenvironments: Levels, chemical composition and sources. Martins, V., Faria, T., Diapouli, E., (…), Viana, M., Almeida, S.M.

Riverine anthropogenic litter load to the Mediterranean Sea near the metropolitan area of Barcelona, Spain. Schirinzi, G.F., Köck-Schulmeyer, M., Cabrera, M., (…), Farré, M., Barceló, D.

Sample size issues in time series regressions of counts on environmental exposures. Armstrong, B.G., Gasparrini, A., Tobias, A., Sera, F.

Screening anti-predator behaviour in fish larvae exposed to environmental pollutants. Faria, M., Wu, X., Luja-Mondragón, M., (…), Piña, B., Raldúa, D.

Short term association between ozone and mortality: global two stage time series study in 406 locations in 20 countries. Vicedo-Cabrera, A.M., Sera, F., Liu, C., (…), Kan, H., Gasparrini, A.

Source apportionment of highly time-resolved elements during a firework episode from a rural freeway site in Switzerland. Rai, P., Furger, M., Slowik, J.G., (…), Baltensperger, U., Prévôt, A.S.H.

Targeting redox metabolism: the perfect storm induced by acrylamide poisoning in the brain. Raldúa, D., Casado, M., Prats, E., (…), Admon, A., Piña, B.

Transfer and bioaccumulation of mercury from soil in cowpea in gold mining sites.  Marrugo-Negrete, J., Durango-Hernández, J., Díaz-Fernández, L., (…), Bravo, A.G., Díez, S.

Urinary cobalt and ferritin in four-years-old children. Junqué, E., Grimalt, J.O., Fernández-Somoano, A., Tardón, A.

Variability of air pollutants, and PM composition and sources at a regional background site in the Balearic Islands: Review of western Mediterranean phenomenology from a 3-year study. Cerro, J.C., Cerdà, V., Querol, X., (…), Bujosa, C., Pey, J.


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