Artículos IDAEA Enero

A Comparative Study of Calibration Methods for Low-Cost Ozone Sensors in IoT Platforms. Ferrer-Cid, P., Barcelo-Ordinas, J.M., Garcia-Vidal, J., Ripoll, A., Viana, M.

A perspective on modeling evolution. de Juan, A., Mas, S., Maeder, M., Tauler, R.

Aerosol Intensive Optical Properties in the NMMB-MONARCH. Obiso, V., Jorba, O., García-Pando, C.P., Pandolfi, M.

Bilinear and trilinear modelling of three-way data obtained in two factor designed metabolomics studies. Jafari, J.M., Abdollahi, H., Tauler, R.

Changes in lipid profiles induced by bisphenol A (BPA) in zebrafish eleutheroembryos during the yolk sac absorption stage. Martínez, R., Navarro-Martín, L., van Antro, M., (…), Barata, C., Piña, B.

Chemistry and sources of PM2.5 and volatile organic compounds breathed inside urban commuting and tourist buses. Fernández-Iriarte, A., Amato, F., Moreno, N., (…), Querol, X., Moreno, T.

Corrigendum to Trace element fractionation between PM10 and PM2.5 in coal mine dust: Implications for occupational respiratory health’ (International Journal of Coal Geology (2019) 203 (52–59), (S0166516218307900), (10.1016/j.coal.2019.01.006)). Moreno, T., Trechera, P., Querol, X., (…), Wrana, A., Williamson, B.

Defining the exploitation patterns of groundwater heat pump systems. García-Gil, A., Abesser, C., Gasco Cavero, S., (…), Hughes, A.G., Mejías Moreno, M.

Development of a new binding phase for the diffusive gradients in thin films technique based on an ionic liquid for mercury determination. Elias, G., Díez, S., Zhang, H., Fontàs, C.

Does the application of human waste as a fertilization material in agricultural production pose adverse effects on human health attributable to contaminants of emerging concern? Antić, I., Škrbić, B.D., Matamoros, V., Bayona, J.M.

Effects of flushing flows on the transport of mercury-polluted particulate matter from the Flix Reservoir to the Ebro Estuary. Palanques, A., Guillén, J., Puig, P., Grimalt, J.O.

Elucidating biotransformation pathways of ofloxacin in lettuce (Lactuca sativa L). Tadić, Đ., Gramblicka, M., Mistrik, R., (…), Piña, B., Bayona, J.M.

Heat wave intensity and daily mortality in four of the largest cities of Spain. Royé, D., Codesido, R., Tobías, A., Taracido, M.

Human health risk of methylmercury from fish consumption at the largest floodplain in Colombia. Marrugo-Negrete, J., Vargas-Licona, S., Ruiz-Guzmán, J.A., (…), Bravo, A.G., Díez, S.

Kinetics of contact processes under segregation. Aquino, T., Dentz, M.

Legacy and Emerging Brominated Flame Retardants in Bizerte Lagoon Murex (Hexaplex Trunculus): Levels and Human Health Risk Assessment. Ameur, W.B., Annabi, A., El Megdiche, Y., (…), Barceló, D., Eljarrat, E.

Long-range and local air pollution: What can we learn from chemical speciation of particulate matter at paired sites? Pandolfi, M., Mooibroek, D., Hopke, P., (…), Tarasova, O., Colette, A.

Microbial responses to perfluoroalkyl substances and perfluorooctanesulfonate (PFOS) desulfurization in the Antarctic marine environment. Cerro-Gálvez, E., Roscales, J.L., Jiménez, B., (…), Dachs, J., Vila-Costa, M.

Mineralogy and geochemistry of late permian coals within the tongzi coalfield in Guizhou Province, Southwest China. Li, B., Zhuang, X., Querol, X., (…), Shangguan, Y., Li, J.

Multiomic analysis of zebrafish models of acute organophosphorus poisoning with different severity. Piña, B., Ziv, T., Faria, M., (…), Admon, A., Raldua, D.

Natural disturbances can produce misleading bioassessment results: Identifying metrics to detect anthropogenic impacts in intermittent rivers. Soria, M., Gutiérrez-Cánovas, C., Bonada, N., (…), Prat, N., Cid, N.

New data and evidence on the mineralogy and geochemistry of wulantuga high-ge coal deposit of shengli coalfield, Inner Mongolia, China. Yao, C., Zhuang, X., Querol, X., (…), Moreno, N., Zhang, F.

Patterns of cyanobacterial abundance in a major drinking water reservoir: what 3 years of comprehensive monitoring data reveals? Golshan, A., Evans, C., Geary, P., (…), Maeder, M., Tauler, R.

Pharmaceuticals in a Mediterranean Basin: The influence of temporal and hydrological patterns in environmental risk assessment. Palma, P., Fialho, S., Lima, A., (…), Pérez, S., de Alda, M.L.

Potential Impact of a Low Emission Zone on Street-Level Air Quality in Barcelona City Using CALIOPE-Urban Model. Benavides, J., Soret, A., Guevara, M., (…), Querol, X., Jorba, O.

Rapid changes of dust geochemistry in the Saharan Air Layer linked to sources and meteorology. Rodríguez, S., Calzolai, G., Chiari, M., (…), Lucarelli, F., Querol, X.

Riverine anthropogenic litter load to the Mediterranean Sea near the metropolitan area of Barcelona, Spain. Schirinzi, G.F., Köck-Schulmeyer, M., Cabrera, M., (…), Farré, M., Barceló, D.

Screening anti-predator behaviour in fish larvae exposed to environmental pollutants. Faria, M., Wu, X., Luja-Mondragón, M., (…), Piña, B., Raldúa, D.

Seasonal variability of extremely metal rich acid mine drainages from the Tharsis mines (SW Spain). Moreno González, R., Cánovas, C.R., Olías, M., Macías, F.

Source apportionment of particle number size distribution in urban background and traffic stations in four European cities. Rivas, I., Beddows, D.C.S., Amato, F., (…), Querol, X., Kelly, F.J.

Targeting redox metabolism: the perfect storm induced by acrylamide poisoning in the brain. Raldúa, D., Casado, M., Prats, E., (…), Admon, A., Piña, B.

Towards a marine strategy for the deep Mediterranean Sea: Analysis of current ecological status. Danovaro, R., Fanelli, E., Canals, M., (…), Schirone, A., Soldevila, E.

Unravelling the Origin of High Ozone Concentrations in Southwestern Europe. Pay, M.T., Pérez-García Pando, C., Guevara, M., (…), Napelenok, S., Querol, X.

Urinary cobalt and ferritin in four-years-old children. Junqué, E., Grimalt, J.O., Fernández-Somoano, A., Tardón, A.

Variations in elemental and mineralogical compositions of Late Oligocene, Early and Middle Miocene coal seams in the Kale-Tavas Molasse sub-basin, SW Turkey. Karayigit, A.I., Atalay, M., Oskay, R.G., (…), Querol, X., Bulut, Y.


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