Artículos IQAC Noviembre

A pH-dependent bolt involving cytosine bases located in the lateral loops of antiparallel G-quadruplex structures within the SMARCA4 gene promotor. Benabou, S., Mazzini, S., Aviñó, A., Eritja, R., Gargallo, R.

Alginate Hydrogels as Scaffolds and Delivery Systems to Repair the Damaged Spinal Cord. Grijalvo, S., Nieto-Díaz, M., Maza, R.M., Eritja, R., Díaz, D.D.

Annexin A6 modulates TBC1D15/Rab7/StARD3 axis to control endosomal cholesterol export in NPC1 cells. Meneses-Salas, E., García-Melero, A., Kanerva, K., (…), Enrich, C., Rentero, C.

Combined buckwheat d-fagomine and fish omega-3 pufas stabilize the populations of gut prevotella and bacteroides while reducing weight gain in rats. Hereu, M., Ramos-Romero, S., Marín-Valls, R., (…), Medina, I., Torres, J.L.

Critical assessment of recent trends related to screening and confirmatory analytical methods for selected food contaminants and allergens. Tsagkaris, A.S., Nelis, J.L.D., Ross, G.M.S., (…), Pulkrabova, J., Hajslova, J.

Effects of combined D-fagomine and omega-3 PUFAs on gut microbiota subpopulations and diabetes risk factors in rats fed a high-fat diet. Hereu, M., Ramos-Romero, S., Busquets, C., (…), Medina, I., Torres, J.L.

Ketoisophorone Synthesis with an Immobilized Alcohol Dehydrogenase. Solé, J., Brummund, J., Caminal, G., (…), Álvaro, G., Guillén, M.

The Buckwheat Iminosugar d-Fagomine Attenuates Sucrose-Induced Steatosis and Hypertension in Rats. Ramos-Romero, S., Hereu, M., Atienza, L., (…), Romeu, M., Torres, J.L.

The emergence of a new weed in maize plantations: characterization and genetic structure using microsatellite markers. Díaz, A., Taberner, A., Vilaplana, L.

Theoretical Investigation of the Photoexcited NO2+H2O reaction at the Air–Water Interface and Its Atmospheric Implications. Martins-Costa, M.T.C., Anglada, J.M., Francisco, J.S., Ruiz-López, M.F.


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