Artículos IQAC Septiembre

32nd Conference of the European Colloid and Interface Society, 2–7 September 2018 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Bešter-Rogač, M., Kroflič, A., Rodríguez-Abreu, C.

A comparative study of oregano (Origanum vulgare L.) essential oil-based polycaprolactone nanocapsules/ microspheres: Preparation, physicochemical characterization, and storage stability. Fraj, A., Jaâfar, F., Marti, M., Coderch, L., Ladhari, N.

A hydroxylamine probe for profiling: S-acylated fatty acids on proteins. Schulte-Zweckel, J., Dwivedi, M., Brockmeyer, A., (…), Winter, R., Triola, G.

Adeno-associated viral vector serotype 9-based gene therapy for Niemann-Pick disease type A. Samaranch, L., Pérez-Cañamás, A., Soto-Huelin, B., (…), Bankiewicz, K.S., Ledesma, M.D.

Bastard Cabbage (Rapistrum rugosum L.) resistance to tribenuron-methyl and iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium in Spain and alternative herbicides for its control. Pardo, G., Marí, A.I., Aibar, J., Vilaplana, L., Cirujeda, A.

Chemoenzymatic hydroxymethylation of carboxylic acids by tandem stereodivergent biocatalytic aldol reaction and chemical decarboxylation. Marín-Valls, R., Hernández, K., Bolte, M., (…), Bujons, J., Clapés, P.

Chemotherapy selection pressure alters sphingolipid composition and mitochondrial bioenergetics in resistant HL-60 cells. Kao, L.-P., Morad, S.A.F., Davis, T.S., (…), Fisher-Wellman, K.H., Cabot, M.C.

Effective In Vivo Topical Delivery of siRNA and Gene Silencing in Intact Corneal Epithelium Using a Modified Cell-Penetrating Peptide. Schiroli, D., Gómara, M.J., Maurizi, E., (…), Haro, I., Moore, T.

Formation of a stable biradical triplet state cation versus a closed shell singlet state cation by oxidation of adducts of 3,6-dimethoxycarbazole and polychlorotriphenylmethyl radicals. Ballesteros, P., Cuadrado, A., Gilabert, A., (…), Anglada, J.M., Juliá, L.

In Vivo Retargeting of Poly(beta aminoester) (OM-PBAE) Nanoparticles is Influenced by Protein Corona. Fornaguera, C., Guerra-Rebollo, M., Lázaro, M.Á., (…), Blanco, J., Borrós, S.

Modulating size and surface charge of ethylcellulose nanoparticles through the use of cationic nano-emulsion templates. Calderó, G., Leitner, S., García-Celma, M.J., Solans, C.

Photochemistry of HOSO radical in the gas phase. Trabelsi, T., Anglada, J.M., Ruiz-López, M.F., Francisco, J.S.

PLGA cationic nanoparticles, obtained from nano-emulsion templating, as potential DNA vaccines. Soler Besumbes, E., Fornaguera, C., Monge, M., (…), Solans, C., Dols-Perez, A.

Radiochemical examination of transthyretin (TTR) brain penetration assisted by iododiflunisal, a TTR tetramer stabilizer and a new candidate drug for AD. Rios, X., Gómez-Vallejo, V., Martín, A., (…), Arsequell, G., Llop, J.

Template-directed self-organization of colloidal PbTe nanocrystals into pillars, conformal coatings, and self-supported membranes. Piotrowski, M., Borme, J., Carbó-Argibay, E., (…), Rodríguez-Abreu, C., Kolen’Ko, Y.V.


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