Artículos IDAEA Junio

2005-2017 ozone trends and potential benefits of local measures as deduced from air quality measurements in the north of the Barcelona metropolitan area. Massagué, J., Carnerero, C., Escudero, M., (…), Alastuey, A., Querol, X.

A novel systematic absence of cross peaks-based 2D-COS approach for bilinear data. Guo, R., Zhang, X., He, A.-Q., (…), Ozaki, Y., Wu, J.-G.

African dust and air quality over Spain: Is it only dust that matters? Querol, X., Pérez, N., Reche, C., (…), Moreno, T., Alastuey, A.

Bird collisions with power lines: Prioritizing species and areas by estimating potential population-level impacts. D’Amico, M., Martins, R.C., Álvarez-Martínez, J.M., (…), Barrientos, R., Moreira, F.

Comprehensive analysis of renal arsenic accumulation using images based on X-ray fluorescence at the tissue, cellular, and subcellular levels. Bongiovanni, G.A., Pérez, R.D., Mardirosian, M., (…), Marguí, E., Queralt, I.

Determination of gold leaf thickness using X-ray fluorescence spectrometry: Accuracy comparison using analytical methodology and Monte Carlo simulations. Pessanha, S., Queralt, I., Carvalho, M.L., Sampaio, J.M.

Development of a versatile source apportionment analysis based on positive matrix factorization: a case study of the seasonal variation of organic aerosol sources in Estonia. Vlachou, A., Tobler, A., Lamkaddam, H., (…), El Haddad, I., Preávôt, A.S.H.

Distributed Multi-Scale Calibration of Low-Cost Ozone Sensors in Wireless Sensor Networks. Barcelo-Ordinas, J.M., Ferrer-Cid, P., Garcia-Vidal, J., Ripoll, A., Viana, M.

Effect of the conversion of mangroves into shrimp farms on carbon stock in the sediment along the southern Red Sea coast, Saudi Arabia. Eid, E.M., Arshad, M., Shaltout, K.H., (…), Picó, Y., Barcelo, D.

Efficacy of adjunctive anti-plaque chemical agents in managing gingivitis: A systematic review and network meta-analyses. Figuero, E., Herrera, D., Tobías, A., (…), Escribano, M., Martín, C.

Human pharmaceuticals in three major fish species from the Uruguay River (South America) with different feeding habits. Rojo, M., Álvarez-Muñoz, D., Dománico, A., (…), Barceló, D., Carriquiriborde, P.

Increasing the realism in solute transport modelling. Gylling, B., Lanyon, B., Soler, J., (…), Poteri, A., Koskinen, L.

Linking microbial diversity and population dynamics to the removal efficiency of pharmaceutically active compounds (PhACs) in an anaerobic/anoxic/aerobic (A2O) system. Gallardo-Altamirano, M.J., Maza-Márquez, P., Montemurro, N., (…), Osorio, F., Pozo, C.

Long-term aerosol optical hygroscopicity study at the ACTRIS SIRTA observatory: Synergy between ceilometer and in situ measurements. Bedoya-Velásquez, A.E., Titos, G., Antonio Bravo-Aranda, J., (…), Alados-Arboledas, L., Luis Guerrero-Rascado, J.

Long-term continuous treatment of non-sterile real hospital wastewater by Trametes versicolor. Mir-Tutusaus, J.A., Parladé, E., Villagrasa, M., (…), Sarrà, M., Caminal, G.

Mineralogical, chemical and leaching characteristics of ashes from residential biomass combustion. Alves, C.A., Font, O., Moreno, N., (…), Tarelho, L.A.C., Querol, X.

Modeling of High Nanoparticle Exposure in an Indoor Industrial Scenario with a One-Box Model. Ribalta, C., Koivisto, A.J., Salmatonidis, A., (…), Monfort, E., Viana, M.

Moisture origin and characteristics of the isotopic signature of rainfall in a Mediterranean mountain catchment (Vallcebre, eastern Pyrenees). Casellas, E., Latron, J., Cayuela, C., (…), Lee, K.-O., Llorens, P.

Monitoring the impact of desert dust outbreaks for air quality for health studies. Querol, X., Tobías, A., Pérez, N., (…), Mudu, P., Alastuey, A.

Polluted water from an urban reservoir (Madín dam, México) induces toxicity and oxidative stress in Cyprinus carpio embryos. Pérez-Coyotl, I., Galar-Martínez, M., García-Medina, S., (…), Peña-Herrera, J.M., Sánchez-Aceves, L.M.

ROIMCR: A powerful analysis strategy for LC-MS metabolomic datasets. Gorrochategui, E., Jaumot, J., Tauler, R.

Simultaneous analysis of 11 haloacetic acids by direct injection-liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization-triple quadrupole tandem mass spectrometry and high resolution mass spectrometry: occurrence and evolution in chlorine-treated water. Planas, C., Palacios, Ó., Ventura, F., (…), Martín, J., Caixach, J.

Simultaneous determination of multiclass antibiotics and their metabolites in four types of field-grown vegetables. Tadić, Đ., Matamoros, V., Bayona, J.M.

Sorption of rare earth elements onto basaluminite: The role of sulfate and pH. Lozano, A., Ayora, C., Fernández-Martínez, A.

Stress-Induced Anomalous Transport in Natural Fracture Networks. Kang, P.K., Lei, Q., Dentz, M., Juanes, R.

The second ACTRIS inter-comparison (2016) for Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitors (ACSM): Calibration protocols and instrument performance evaluations. Freney, E., Zhang, Y., Croteau, P., (…), Jayne, J., Favez, O.

Ultrafine particles and PM 2.5 in the air of cities around the world: Are they representative of each other? de Jesus, A.L., Rahman, M.M., Mazaheri, M., (…), Sioutas, C., Morawska, L.

Urinary metabolites of organophosphate and pyrethroid pesticides in children from an Italian cohort (PHIME, Trieste). Bravo, N., Grimalt, J.O., Bocca, B., (…), Alimonti, A., Calamandrei, G.

Use of C-Cl CSIA to elucidate origin and fate of DCM in complex contaminated field sites. Blázquez-Pallí, N., Shouakar-Stash, O., Palau, J., (…), Marco-Urrea, E., Rosell, M.

Vertical and horizontal fall-off of black carbon and NO2 within urban blocks. Amato, F., Pérez, N., López, M., (…), Craviotto, J.M., Querol, X.


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