Artículos IQAC Mayo

Activity-Based Imaging of Acid Ceramidase in Living Cells. Ordóñez, Y.F., Abad, J.L., Aseeri, M., (…), Triola, G., Fabrias, G.

Carbosilane Dendron-Peptide Nanoconjugates as Antimicrobial Agents. Fernandez, J., Acosta, G., Pulido, D., (…), Ortega, P., De La Mata, F.J.

Development of a multiplex assay based on chimeric citrullinated peptides as proof of concept for diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. García-Moreno, C., Gómara, M.J., Bleda, M.J., Sanmartí, R., Haro, I.

Formulating stable hexosome dispersions with a technical grade diglycerol-based surfactant. Magana, J.R., Homs, M., Esquena, J., (…), Rodríguez-Abreu, C., Solans, C.

Gene delivery to the rat retina by non-viral vectors based on chloroquine-containing cationic niosomes. Mashal, M., Attia, N., Martínez-Navarrete, G., (…), Puras, G., Pedraz, J.L.

GPCR photopharmacology. Ricart-Ortega, M., Font, J., Llebaria, A.

Optical Modulation of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor Type 5 In Vivo Using a Photoactive Drug. López-Cano, M., Font, J., Llebaria, A., Fernández-Dueñas, V., Ciruela, F.

Optimized Stepwise Synthesis of the API Liraglutide Using BAL Resin and Pseudoprolines. Carbajo, D., El-Faham, A., Royo, M., Albericio, F.

SCOTfluors: Small, Conjugatable, Orthogonal, and Tunable Fluorophores for In Vivo Imaging of Cell Metabolism. Benson, S., Fernandez, A., Barth, N.D., (…), Kikuchi, K., Vendrell, M.

Side chain to main chain hydrogen bonds stabilize a polyglutamine helix in a transcription factor. Escobedo, A., Topal, B., Kunze, M.B.A., (…), Lindorff-Larsen, K., Salvatella, X.

Simultaneous extraction and obtention of a novel nano-dispersion from Mikania glomerata Spreng: Monitoring coumarin content and increasing the biological and industrial potential of a classical cultivated herb. Santana, E.A., Rodrigues, R.F., de Almeida, F.B., (…), Solans, C., Fernandes, C.P.

Targeting host metabolism by inhibition of acetyl-Coenzyme A carboxylase reduces flavivirus infection in mouse models. Jiménez de Oya, N., Esler, W.P., Huard, K., (…), Saiz, J.-C., Martín-Acebes, M.A.


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