Artículos IQAC Abril

Cationic niosomes as non-viral vehicles for nucleic acids: Challenges and opportunities in gene delivery. Grijalvo, S., Puras, G., Zárate, J., (…), Pedraz, J.L., Eritja, R.

Ceramide Imbalance and Impaired TLR4-Mediated Autophagy in BMDM of an ORMDL3-Overexpressing Mouse Model. Kiefer, K., Casas, J., García-López, R., Vicente, R.

Efficient bioactive oligonucleotide-protein conjugation for cell-targeted cancer therapy. Aviñó, A., Unzueta, U., Virtudes Céspedes, M., (…), Mangues, R., Eritja, R.

GPCR photopharmacology. Ricart-Ortega, M., Font, J., Llebaria, A.

Parallel Clamps and Polypurine Hairpins (PPRH) for Gene Silencing and Triplex-Affinity Capture: Design, Synthesis, and Use. Aviñó, A., Eritja, R., Ciudad, C.J., Noé, V.

Polymer topology-controlled self-healing properties of polyelectrolyte hydrogels based on DABCO-containing aromatic ionenes. Häring, M., Grijalvo, S., Haldar, D., Saldías, C., Díaz, D.D.

Pseudo-Wang Handle for the Preparation of Fully Protected Peptides. Synthesis of Liraglutide by Fragment Condensation. Carbajo, D., Fransen, P., El-Faham, A., Royo, M., Albericio, F.

Synthesis, self-assembly, bacterial and fungal toxicity, and preliminary biodegradation studies of a series of l-phenylalanine-derived surface-active ionic liquids. Kapitanov, I.V., Jordan, A., Karpichev, Y., (…), Kümmerer, K., Gathergood, N.


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