Artículos IQAC Marzo

Aldolase-Catalyzed Asymmetric Synthesis of N-Heterocycles by Addition of Simple Aliphatic Nucleophiles to Aminoaldehydes. Roldán, R., Hernández, K., Joglar, J., (…), Fessner, W.-D., Clapés, P.

Axonal and Myelin Neuroprotection by the Peptoid BN201 in Brain Inflammation. Villoslada, P., Vila, G., Colafrancesco, V., (…), Steinman, L., Messeguer, A.

Biodegradability and aquatic toxicity of new cleavable betainate cationic oligomeric surfactants. Garcia, M.T., Ribosa, I., Kowalczyk, I., Pakiet, M., Brycki, B.

Cationic niosomes as non-viral vehicles for nucleic acids: Challenges and opportunities in gene delivery. Grijalvo, S., Puras, G., Zárate, J., (…), Pedraz, J.L., Eritja, R.

External lipid function in ethnic hairs. Coderch, L., Oliver, M.A., Carrer, V., Manich, A.M., Martí, M.

Formation of Nanoemulsion Containing Ibuprofen by PIC Method for Topical Delivery. Salim, N., Jose García-Celma, M., Escribano, E., (…), Esquena, J., Tadros, T.F.

Influence of the chromatographic conditions of the EN ISO 17226-1 Standard “determination of formaldehyde content in leather. Part 1. Quantification by hplc” on the robustness of the method. Manich, A.M., Cuadros, S., Marsal, A., Reyes, M.-R., Font, J.

Peptide Assembly on the Membrane Determines the HIV-1 Inhibitory Activity of Dual-Targeting Fusion Inhibitor Peptides. Gomara, M.J., Perez, Y., Martinez, J.P., (…), Meyerhans, A., Haro, I.

Polyamide fabric coated with a dihydroxyacetone-loaded chitosan hydrogel for a cosmeto-textile application. Solé, I., Vílchez, S., Montanyà, N., (…), Ferrándiz, M., Esquena, J.

Pseudo-Wang Handle for the Preparation of Fully Protected Peptides. Synthesis of Liraglutide by Fragment Condensation. Carbajo, D., Fransen, P., El-Faham, A., Royo, M., Albericio, F.



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