Artículos IDAEA Diciembre

A 3-D Semianalytical Solution for Density-Driven Flow in Porous Media. Shao, Q., Fahs, M., Hoteit, H., (…), Ackerer, P., Younes, A.

A persistent scatterer interferometry procedure based on stable areas to filter the atmospheric component. Crosetto, M., Devanthéry, N., Monserrat, O., (…), Vázquez-Suñé, E., Crippa, B.

Accuracy assessment of digital terrain model dataset sources for hydrogeomorphological modelling in small Mediterranean catchments. Graf, L., Moreno-de-las-Heras, M., Ruiz, M., (…), López-Tarazón, J.A., Estrany, J.

Chlorination of Source Water Containing Iodinated X-ray Contrast Media: Mutagenicity and Identification of New Iodinated Disinfection Byproducts. Postigo, C; DeMarini, DM; Armstrong, MD; Liberatore, HK; Lamann, K; Kimura, SY; Cuthbertson, AA; Warren, SH; Richardson, SD; McDonald, T; Sey, YM; Ackerson, NOB; Duirk, SE; Simmons, JE

Distribution of antibiotic resistance genes in soils and crops. A field study in legume plants (Vicia faba L.) grown under different watering regimes. Cerqueira, F., Matamoros, V., Bayona, J., (…), Hornstra, L.M., Piña, B.

Evaluation of pharmaceutical toxic effects of non-standard endpoints on the macrophyte species Lemna minor and Lemna gibba. Alkimin, G.D., Daniel, D., Frankenbach, S., (…), Barata, C., Nunes, B.

Groundwater-Gossan interaction and the genesis of the secondary siderite rock at Las Cruces ore deposit (SW Spain). Scheiber, L; Ayora, C; Vazquez-Sune, E; Soler, A.

Impact of fullerenes in the bioaccumulation and biotransformation of venlafaxine, diuron and triclosan in river biofilms. Santos, L.H.M.L.M., Freixa, A., Insa, S., (…), Barceló, D., Rodríguez-Mozaz, S.

Influence of dissolved organic matter (DOM) characteristics on dissolved mercury (Hg) species composition in sediment porewater of lakes from southwest China. Jiang, T; Bravo, AG; Skyllberg, U; Bjorn, E; Wang, DY; Yan, HY; Green, NW.

Influence of electronic cigarette vaping on the composition of indoor organic pollutants, particles, and exhaled breath of bystanders. van Drooge, B.L., Marco, E., Perez, N., Grimalt, J.O.

Mercury determination at trace levels using membrane preconcentration and benchtop total reflection X-ray fluorescence analysis. Margui, E; Queralt, I; Guerra, M; Kallithrakas-Kontos, N.

Partitioning of the water soluble versus insoluble fraction of trace elements in the city of Santiago, Chile. Rubio, M.A., Sánchez, K., Richter, P., Pey, J., Gramsch, E.

Reply: Is the association of replete status in vitamin D with better results in IVF demonstrated? : Chu, J; Gallos, I; Tobias, A; Tan, B; Eapen, A; Coomarasamy, A.

Untargeted lipidomic evaluation of hydric and heat stresses on rice growth. Navarro-Reig, M., Tauler, R., Iriondo-Frias, G., Jaumot, J.

Use of specific PCR primers for the study of sulfate-reducing bacteria diversity in microbial mats of Ebro Delta, Spain. Benaiges-Fernandez, R., Urmeneta, J.


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