Artículos IQAC Octubre

Allocation of glycerolipids and glycerophospholipids from adults to eggs in Daphnia magna: Perturbations by compounds that enhance lipid droplet accumulation. Fuertes, I., Jordão, R., Casas, F., Barata, C.

Cell penetrating peptide grafting of PLGA nanoparticles to enhance cell uptake. Feiner-Gracia, N., Dols-Perez, A., Royo, M., (…), Garcia-Celma, M.J., Fornaguera, C.

Clearly Detectable, Kinetically Restricted Solid-Solid Phase Transition in cis-Ceramide Monolayers. Fanani, M.L., Busto, J.V., Sot, J., (…), Maggio, B., Alonso, A.

Cyclobutane Scaffold in Bolaamphiphiles: Effect of Diastereoisomerism and Regiochemistry on Their Surface Activity Aggregate Structure. Pi-Boleda, B., Sorrenti, A., Sans, M., (…), Branchadell, V., Ortuño, R.M.

Design of oligonucleotide-capped mesoporous silica nanoparticles for the detection of miRNA-145 by duplex and triplex formation. Ribes, À., Santiago-Felipe, S., Aviñó, A., (…), Martínez-Máñez, R., Aznar, E.

Design, Characterization, and Biopharmaceutical Behavior of Nanoparticles Loaded with an HIV-1 Fusion Inhibitor Peptide. Ariza-Sáenz, M., Espina, M., Calpena, A., (…), Haro, I., García, M.L.

Eubiotic effect of buckwheat D-fagomine in healthy rats. Hereu, M., Ramos-Romero, S., García-González, N., Amézqueta, S., Torres, J.L.

Food-grade Pickering stabilizers obtained from a protein-rich lupin cultivar (AluProt-CGNA®): Chemical characterization and emulsifying properties. Burgos-Díaz, C., Wandersleben, T., Olivos, M., (…), Bustamante, M., Solans, C.

Glioblastoma Bystander Cell Therapy: Improvements in Treatment and Insights into the Therapy Mechanisms. Guerra-Rebollo, M., Nogueira de Moraes, C., Alcoholado, C., (…), Blanco, J., Garrido, C.

In vitro penetration through the skin layers of topically applied glucocorticoids. Carrer, V., Alonso, C., Oliver, M.A., Coderch, L.

Low-energy nano-emulsification approach as a simple strategy to prepare positively charged ethylcellulose nanoparticles. Leitner, S., Solans, C., García-Celma, M.J., Calderó, G.

NLCs as a potential carrier system for transdermal delivery of forskolin. Lason, E., Sikora, E., Miastkowska, M., (…), Llinas, M., Ogonowski, J.

p15PAF binding to PCNA modulates the DNA sliding surface. De March, M., Barrera-Vilarmau, S., Crespan, E., (…), Blanco, F.J., De Biasio, A.

Photochemistry of SO2at the Air-Water Interface: A Source of OH and HOSO Radicals. Martins-Costa, M.T.C., Anglada, J.M., Francisco, J.S., Ruiz-López, M.F.

siRNA modified with 2′-deoxy-2′-c-methylpyrimidine nucleosides. Dellafiore, M., Aviñó, A., Alagia, A., (…), Iribarren, A.M., Eritja, R.

Synthesis of Five-Membered Iodine-Nitrogen Heterocycles from Benzimidazole-Based Iodonium Salts. Vlasenko, Y.A., Postnikov, P.S., Trusova, M.E., (…), Yoshimura, A., Yusubov, M.S.

Targeting hepatic protein carbonylation and oxidative stress occurring on diet-induced metabolic diseases through the supplementation with fish oils. Muñoz, S., Méndez, L., Dasilva, G., (…), Nogués, M.R., Medina, I.


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