Artículos IDAEA Octubre

A fully automated approach for the analysis of 37 psychoactive substances in raw wastewater based on on-line solid phase extraction-liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. López-García, E., Mastroianni, N., Postigo, C., Barceló, D., López de Alda, M.

Allocation of glycerolipids and glycerophospholipids from adults to eggs in Daphnia magna: Perturbations by compounds that enhance lipid droplet accumulation. Fuertes, I., Jordão, R., Casas, F., Barata, C.

Chemometrics analysis of petroleum hydrocarbons sources in the street dust, runoff and sediment of urban rivers in Anzali port – South of Caspian Sea. Azimi, A., Bakhtiari, A.R., Tauler, R.

Dose-dependent transcriptomic responses of zebrafish eleutheroembryos to Bisphenol A. Martínez, R., Esteve-Codina, A., Herrero-Nogareda, L., (…), Piña, B., Navarro-Martín, L.

Enhanced climate instability in the North Atlantic and southern Europe during the Last Interglacial. Tzedakis, P.C., Drysdale, R.N., Margari, V., (…), Roe, K., Zanchetta, G.

Expressing stemflow commensurate with its ecohydrological importance. Carlyle-Moses, D.E., Iida, S., Germer, S., (…), Tischer, A., Levia, D.F.

Generalizing Agarwal’s Method for the Interpretation of Recovery Tests Under Non-Ideal Conditions. Trabucchi, M., Carrera, J., Fernàndez-Garcia, D.

Hydrodynamics of salt flat basins: The Salar de Atacama example. Marazuela, M.A., Vázquez-Suñé, E., Ayora, C., García-Gil, A., Palma, T.

Influence of dissolved organic matter (DOM) characteristics on dissolved mercury (Hg) species composition in sediment porewater of lakes from southwest China. Jiang, T., Bravo, A.G., Skyllberg, U., (…), Yan, H., Green, N.W.

Medium to highly polar pesticides in seawater: Analysis and fate in coastal areas of Catalonia (NE Spain). Köck-Schulmeyer, M., Postigo, C., Farré, M., Barceló, D., López de Alda, M.

Nano- and microplastic analysis: Focus on their occurrence in freshwater ecosystems and remediation technologies. Pico, Y., Alfarhan, A., Barcelo, D.

Nanoparticle formation and emission during laser ablation of ceramic tiles. Salmatonidis, A., Viana, M., Pérez, N., (…), Sanfélix, V., Monfort, E.

Occurrence of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in the urban aquifer of Zaragoza (Spain) and its relationship with intensive shallow geothermal energy exploitation. García-Gil, A., Garrido Schneider, E., Mejías, M., (…), Vázquez-Suñé, E., Díaz-Cruz, S.

Personal care products reconnaissance in EVROTAS river (Greece): Water-sediment partition and bioaccumulation in fish. Díaz-Cruz, M.S., Molins-Delgado, D., Serra-Roig, M.P., (…), Skoulikidis, N.T., Barceló, D.

Preface. Jaumot, J., Bedia, C., Tauler, R.

Preliminary study of long-range transport of halogenated flame retardants using Antarctic marine mammals. Aznar-Alemany, Ò., Yang, X., Alonso, M.B., (…), Barceló, D., Eljarrat, E.

Prenatal Exposure to Persistent Organic Pollutants and Anogenital Distance in Children at 18 Months. García-Villarino, M., Riaño-Galán, I., Rodriguez-Dehli, A.C., (…), Tardón, A., Fernández-Somoano, A.

Series Editor’s Preface. Barcelo, D.

Temperature-related mortality impacts under and beyond Paris Agreement climate change scenarios. Vicedo-Cabrera, A.M., Guo, Y., Sera, F., (…), Ebi, K.L., Gasparrini, A.

Testing the performance of one and two box models as tools for risk assessment of particle exposure during packing of inorganic fertilizer. Ribalta, C., Koivisto, A.J., López-Lilao, A., (…), Monfort, E., Viana, M.

Testing the performance of sensors for ozone pollution monitoring in a citizen science approach. Ripoll, A., Viana, M., Padrosa, M., (…), Barcelo-Ordinas, J.M., Garcia-Vidal, J.

The pyrethroid insecticides permethrin and esfenvalerate do not disrupt testicular steroidogenesis in the rat fetus. Saillenfait, A.-M., Sabaté, J.-P., Denis, F., (…), Robert, A., Eljarrat, E.


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