Artículos IDAEA Febrero

2005–2014 trends of PM10 source contributions in an industrialized area of southern Spain. Li, J., Chen, B., de la Campa, A.M.S., (…), Querol, X., de la Rosa, J.D.

Anthropogenic (PBDE) and naturally-produced (MeO-PBDE) brominated compound levels in Bizerte Lagoon clams (Ruditapes decussatus): Levels and human health risk assessment. El Megdiche, Y., Ameur, W.B., Bèchir, H., (…), Eljarrat, E., Barceló, D.

Antibiotic resistance along an urban river impacted by treated wastewaters. Proia, L., Anzil, A., Subirats, J., (…), Balcázar, J.L., Servais, P.

Effects of carbamazepine and cetirizine under an ocean acidification scenario on the biochemical and transcriptome responses of the clam Ruditapes philippinarum. Almeida, Â., Freitas, R., Calisto, V., (…), Campos, B., Barata, C.

Effects of Heterogeneity, Connectivity, and Density Variations on Mixing and Chemical Reactions Under Temporally Fluctuating Flow Conditions and the Formation of Reaction Patterns. Pool, M., Dentz, M.

Epigenetics in teleost fish: From molecular mechanisms to physiological phenotypes. Best, C., Ikert, H., Kostyniuk, D.J., (…), Marandel, L., Mennigen, J.A.

Fixation of treated phosphate waste and its use in concrete. Lieberman, R.N., Knop, Y., Palmerola, N.M., (…), Muñoz-Quirós, C., Cohen, H.

Impact of aerosol particle sources on optical properties in urban, regional and remote areas in the north-western Mediterranean. Ealo, M., Alastuey, A., Pérez, N., (…), Querol, X., Pandolfi, M.

Impact of the wood combustion in an open fireplace on the air quality of a living room: Estimation of the respirable fraction. Castro, A., Calvo, A.I., Blanco-Alegre, C., (…), Querol, X., Fraile, R.

Improving air quality in subway systems: An overview. Moreno, T., de Miguel, E.

Investigation of the photodegradation profile of tamoxifen using spectroscopic and chromatographic analysis and multivariate curve resolution. Marín-García, M., Ioele, G., Franquet-Griell, H., (…), Ragno, G., Tauler, R.

Metabolic Responses of Mytilus galloprovincialis to Fullerenes in Mesocosm Exposure Experiments. Sanchís, J., Llorca, M., Olmos, M., (…), Barceló, D., Farré, M.

Mixing across fluid interfaces compressed by convective flow in porous media. Hidalgo, J.J., Dentz, M.

Seasonal changes in peryphytic microbial metabolism determining mercury methylation in a tropical wetland. Lázaro, W.L., Díez, S., da Silva, C.J., Ignácio, Á.R.A., Guimarães, J.R.D.

Tryptophan hydroxylase (TRH) loss of function mutations induce growth and behavioral defects in Daphnia magna. Rivetti, C., Campos, B., Piña, B., (…), Watanabe, H., Barata, C.


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