Artículos IDAEA Noviembre

A case study to identify priority cytostatic contaminants in hospital effluents. Olalla, A., Negreira, N., López de Alda, M., Barceló, D., Valcárcel, Y.

A Potential New Threat to Wild Life: Presence of UV Filters in Bird Eggs from a Preserved Area. Molins-Delgado, D., Mánez, M., Andreu, A., (…), Barceló, D., Díaz-Cruz, M.S.

A Process-Based Model for Bioturbation-Induced Mixing. Aquino, T., Roche, K.R., Aubeneau, A., Packman, A.I., Bolster, D.

A stable computation of log-derivatives from noisy drawdown data. Ramos, G., Carrera, J., Gómez, S., Minutti, C., Camacho, R.

An empirical model to predict road dust emissions based on pavement and traffic characteristics. Padoan, E., Ajmone-Marsan, F., Querol, X., Amato, F.

Analysis of PM2.5 in Córdoba, Argentina under the effects of the El Niño Southern Oscillation. Lanzaco, B.L., Olcese, L.E., Querol, X., Toselli, B.M.

Analytical strategies for determining the sources and ecotoxicological risk of PAHs in river sediment. dos Santos, I.F., Ferreira, S.L.C., Domínguez, C., Bayona, J.M.

Anomalous dispersion in correlated porous media: a coupled continuous time random walk approach . Comolli, A., Dentz, M.

Blood transcriptional and microRNA responses to short-term exposure to disinfection by-products in a swimming pool. Espín-Pérez, A., Font-Ribera, L., van Veldhoven, K., (…), Kleinjans, J.C., de Kok, T.M.

Characterization of organic aromatic compounds in soils affected by an uncontrolled tire landfill fire through the use of comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography-time-of-flight mass spectrometry. Escobar-Arnanz, J., Mekni, S., Blanco, G., (…), Barceló, D., Ramos, L.

Characterization of road dust emissions in milan: Impact of vehicle fleet speed. Amato, F., Bedogni, M., Padoan, E., (…), Ealo, M., Rivas, I.

Chemical composition and source apportionment of PM10at an urban background site in a high–altitude Latin American megacity (Bogota, Colombia). Ramírez, O., Sánchez de la Campa, A.M., Amato, F., (…), Rojas, N.Y., de la Rosa, J.

Detection of formaldehyde oxidation catalysis by MCR-ALS analysis of multiset ToF-SIMS data in positive and negative modes. Zhang, X., Nuns, N., Lamonier, J.-F., Tauler, R., Duponchel, L.

Does the presence of caffeine in the marine environment represent an environmental risk? A regional and global study. Dafouz, R., Cáceres, N., Rodríguez-Gil, J.L., (…), de Miguel, Á.G., Valcárcel, Y.

Effects of pre-exposure on the indigenous biodegradation of 14C-phenanthrene in Antarctic soils. Okere, U.V., Cabrerizo, A., Dachs, J., (…), Jones, K.C., Semple, K.T.

Environmental analysis: Emerging pollutants. Čelić, M., Farré, M., Lopez de Alda, M., (…), Barceló, D., Petrović, M.

Evaluation of mercury in a freshwater environment impacted by an organomercury fungicide using diffusive gradient in thin films. Turull, M., Komarova, T., Noller, B., Fontàs, C., Díez, S.

Fluvial biofilms exposed to desiccation and pharmaceutical pollution: New insights using metabolomics. Serra-Compte, A., Corcoll, N., Huerta, B., (…), Barceló, D., Álvarez-Muñoz, D.

Formation of iodo-trihalomethanes, iodo-haloacetic acids, and haloacetaldehydes during chlorination and chloramination of iodine containing waters in laboratory controlled reactions. Postigo, C., Richardson, S.D., Barceló, D.

Gene expression changes in blood RNA after swimming in a chlorinated pool. Salas, L.A., Font-Ribera, L., Bustamante, M., (…), Kogevinas, M., Villanueva, C.M.

How do measured PBDE and HCBD levels in river fish compare to the European Environmental Quality Standards? Eljarrat, E., Barceló, D.

Longer-term impact of high and low temperature on mortality: An international study to clarify length of mortality displacement. Armstrong, B., Bell, M.L., Coelho, M.S.Z.S., (…), Zeka, A., Gasparrini, A.

Marine sedimentary lipidomics of the glacial-interglacial changes during the lower Pleistocene (SW Iberian Margin). El Ouahabi, A., Grimalt, J.O.

Modelling acrylamide acute neurotoxicity in zebrafish larvae. Prats, E., Gómez-Canela, C., Ben-Lulu, S., (…), Admon, A., Raldúa, D.

Mortality burden of diurnal temperature range and its temporal changes: A multi-country study. Lee, W., Bell, M.L., Gasparrini, A., (…), Guo, Y., Kim, H.

Near-real-time processing of a ceilometer network assisted with sun-photometer data: Monitoring a dust outbreak over the Iberian Peninsula. Cazorla, A., Andrés Casquero-Vera, J., Román, R., (…), Hanrieder, N., Alados-Arboledas, L.

Occurrence and human exposure to brominated and organophosphorus flame retardants via indoor dust in a Brazilian city. Cristale, J., Aragão Belé, T.G., Lacorte, S., Rodrigues de Marchi, M.R.

Occurrence of organic UV filters and metabolites in lebranche mullet (Mugil liza) from Brazil. Molins-Delgado, D., Muñoz, R., Nogueira, S., (…), Barceló, D., Díaz-Cruz, M.S.

Particle-related exposure, dose and lung cancer risk of primary school children in two European countries. Pacitto, A., Stabile, L., Viana, M., (…), Vigo, P., Buonanno, G.

Physico-chemical characterization of playground sand dust, inhalable and bioaccessible fractions. H.Valido, I., Padoan, E., Moreno, T., (…), Font, O., Amato, F.

Reconciling monitoring and modeling: An appraisal of river monitoring networks based on a spatial autocorrelation approach – emerging pollutants in the Danube River as a case study. Ginebreda, A., Sabater-Liesa, L., Rico, A., Focks, A., Barceló, D.

Simultaneous LC–MS/MS determination of 40 legal and illegal psychoactive drugs in breast and bovine milk. López-García, E., Mastroianni, N., Postigo, C., (…), Barceló, D., López de Alda, M.

Sorption and desorption of organophosphate esters with different hydrophobicity by soils. Cristale, J., Álvarez-Martín, A., Rodríguez-Cruz, S., Sánchez-Martín, M.J., Lacorte, S.

Standardisation of a European measurement method for organic carbon and elemental carbon in ambient air: Results of the field trial campaign and the determination of a measurement uncertainty and working range. Brown, R.J.C., Beccaceci, S., Butterfield, D.M., (…), Putaud, J.-P., Karanasiou, A.

Stochastic dynamics of intermittent pore-scale particle motion in three-dimensional porous media: Experiments and theory. Morales, V.L., Dentz, M., Willmann, M., Holzner, M.

Study of pharmaceuticals in surface and wastewater from Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico: Occurrence and environmental risk assessment. Rivera-Jaimes, J.A., Postigo, C., Melgoza-Alemán, R.M., (…), Barceló, D., López de Alda, M.

Superposition approach to understand triggering mechanisms of post-injection induced seismicity. De Simone, S., Carrera, J., Vilarrasa, V.

Transfer of lipid molecules and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons to open marine waters by dense water cascading events. Salvadó, J.A., Grimalt, J.O., López, J.F., (…), Sanchez-Vidal, A., Canals, M.


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