Artículos IQAC Septiembre

Allosteric control of an asymmetric transduction in a g protein-coupled receptor heterodimer. Liu, J., Zhang, Z., Moreno-Delgado, D., Dalton, J.A.R., Rovira, X., Trapero, A., Goudet, C., Llebaria, A., Giraldo, J., Yuan, Q., Rondard, P., Huang, S., Liu, J., Pin, J.-P.

CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Knockin Application in Cell Therapy: A Non-viral Procedure for Bystander Treatment of Glioma in Mice. Meca-Cortés, O., Guerra-Rebollo, M., Garrido, C., Borrós, S., Rubio, N., Blanco, J.

Cytotoxic effects of commonly used nanomaterials and microplastics on cerebral and epithelial human cells. Schirinzi, G.F., Pérez-Pomeda, I., Sanchís, J., Rossini, C., Farré, M., Barceló, D.

Design of Hückel-Möbius Topological Switches with High Nonlinear Optical Properties. Torrent-Sucarrat, M., Navarro, S., Marcos, E., Anglada, J.M., Luis, J.M.

DNA-Origami-Driven Lithography for Patterning on Gold Surfaces with Sub-10 nm Resolution. Gállego, I., Manning, B., Prades, J.D., Mir, M., Samitier, J., Eritja, R.

Emulsion-based gels with thermally switchable transparency. Aramaki, K., Masuda, K., Horie, R., Rodríguez-Abreu, C.

Paradigm Shift for Preparing Versatile M2+Free Gels from Unmodified Sodium Alginate. Pérez-Madrigal, M.M., Torras, J., Casanovas, J., Häring, M., Alemán, C., Díaz, D.D.

Penetration of polymeric nanoparticles loaded with an HIV-1 inhibitor peptide derived from GB virus C in a vaginal mucosa model. Ariza-Sáenz, M., Espina, M., Bolaños, N., Calpena, A.C., Gomara, M.J., Haro, I., García, M.L.

Pharmacokinetics of Mephedrone and Its Metabolites in Human by LC-MS/MS. Olesti, E., Farré, M., Papaseit, E., Krotonoulas, A., Pujadas, M., de la Torre, R., Pozo, Ó.J.

Short-term peripheral sensitization by brief exposure to pheromone components in Spodoptera littoralis. López, S., Guerrero, A., Bleda, M.J., Quero, C.

TCSC incorporated voltage stability assessment under contingency condition. Baleboina, G.M., Daram, S.B., Venkataramu, P.S., Nagaraj, M.S.

The role of sorption processes in the removal of pharmaceuticals by fungal treatment of wastewater. Lucas, D., Castellet-Rovira, F., Villagrasa, M., Badia-Fabregat, M., Barceló, D., Vicent, T., Caminal, G., Sarrà, M., Rodríguez-Mozaz, S.

What Controls Photocatalytic Water Oxidation on Rutile TiO2(110) under Ultra-High-Vacuum Conditions? Migani, A., Blancafort, L.


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