Artículos IQAC Agosto

A copper-templated, bifunctional organocatalyst: A strongly cooperative dynamic system for the aldol reaction. Serra-Pont, A., Alfonso, I., Solà, J., Jimeno, C.

An improved steady-state model of an interline power flow controller for the multi-transmission system. Daram, S.B., Venkataramu, P.S., Nagaraj, M.S.

Comparison between several reactors with Trametes versicolor immobilized on lignocellulosic support for the continuous treatments of hospital wastewater. Torán, J., Blánquez, P., Caminal, G.

Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles in oil-in-water microemulsion and nano-emulsion using geranium leaf aqueous extract as a reducing agent. Rivera-Rangel, R.D., González-Muñoz, M.P., Avila-Rodriguez, M., Razo-Lazcano, T.A., Solans, C.

Influence of crosslinked alginate on drug release from highly concentrated emulsions. Bonilla, P., Arias, E.M., Solans, C., García-Celma, M.J.

Jaspine B induces nonapoptotic cell death in gastric cancer cells independently of its inhibition of ceramide synthase. Cingolani, F., Simbari, F., Abad, J.L., Casasampere, M., Fabrias, G., Futerman, A.H., Casas, J.

Microvesicle release and micellar attack as the alternative mechanisms involved in the red-blood-cell-membrane solubilization induced by arginine-based surfactants. Fait, M.E., Hermet, M., Comelles, F., Clapés, P., Alvarez, H.A., Prieto, E., Herlax, V., Morcelle, S.R., Bakás, L.

Preparation of a Nanoemulsion with Carapa guianensis Aublet (Meliaceae) Oil by a Low-Energy/Solvent-Free Method and Evaluation of Its Preliminary Residual Larvicidal Activity. Jesus, F.L.M., De Almeida, F.B., Duarte, J.L., Oliveira, A.E.M.F.M., Cruz, R.A.S., Souto, R.N.P., Ferreira, R.M.A., Kelmann, R.G., Carvalho, J.C.T., Lira-Guedes, A.C., Guedes, M., Solans, C., Fernandes, C.P.

Rotational spectra of tetracyclic quinolizidine alkaloids: Does a water molecule flip sparteine? Lesarri, A., Pinacho, R., Enríquez, L., Rubio, J.E., Jaraíz, M., Abad, J.L., Gigosos, M.A.

Structural Study of a New HIV-1 Entry Inhibitor and Interaction with the HIV-1 Fusion Peptide in Dodecylphosphocholine Micelles. Pérez, Y., Gómara, M.J., Yuste, E., Gómez-Gutierrez, P., Pérez, J.J., Haro, I.

Surface chemistry and germination improvement of Quinoa seeds subjected to plasma activation. Gómez-Ramírez, A., López-Santos, C., Cantos, M., García, J.L., Molina, R., Cotrino, J., Espinós, J.P., González-Elipe, A.R.

The atmospheric oxidation of CH3OOH by the OH radical: The effect of water vapor. Anglada, J.M., Crehuet, R., Martins-Costa, M., Francisco, J.S., Ruiz-López, M.

Twisted intramolecular charge transfer in a carbazole-based chromophore: The stable [(4-: N -carbazolyl)-2,3,5,6-tetrachlorophenyl]bis(2,3,5,6-tetrachlorophenyl)methyl radical. Gilabert, A., Fajarí, L., Sirés, I., Reig, M., Brillas, E., Velasco, D., Anglada, J.M., Juliá, L.

Unraveling the Multistimuli Responses of a Complex Dynamic System of Pseudopeptidic Macrocycles. Valdivielso, A.M., Puig-Castellví, F., Atcher, J., Solà, J., Tauler, R., Alfonso, I.


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