Artículos IQAC Febrero

Antimicrobial and hemolytic studies of a series of polycations bearing quaternary ammonium moieties: Structural and topological effects. Mayr, J., Bachl, J., Schlossmann, J., Díaz, D.D.

Hydrophilicity and flexibility of the spacer as critical parameters on the aggregation behavior of long alkyl chain cationic gemini surfactants in aqueous solution. Garcia, M.T., Kaczerewska, O., Ribosa, I., Brycki, B., Materna, P., Drgas, M.

Lipid raft-like liposomes used for targeted delivery of a chimeric entry-inhibitor peptide with anti-HIV-1 activity. Gómara, M.J., Pérez-Pomeda, I., Gatell, J.M., Sánchez-Merino, V., Yuste, E., Haro, I.

Methods for the in vitro characterization of nanomedicines—biological component interaction. Fornaguera, C., Solans, C.

Modular Optofluidic Systems (MOPS). Ackermann, T.N., Dietvorst, J., Sanchis, A., Salvador, J.P., Munoz-Berbel, X., Alvarez-Conde, E., Kopp, D., Zappe, H., Marco, M.-P., Llobera, A.

New murine Niemann-Pick type C models bearing a pseudoexon-generating mutation recapitulate the main neurobehavioural and molecular features of the disease. Gómez-Grau, M., Albaigès, J., Casas, J., Auladell, C., Dierssen, M., Vilageliu, L., Grinberg, D.

Positional isomers of bispyridine benzene derivatives induce efficacy changes on mGlu5 negative allosteric modulation. Gómez-Santacana, X., Dalton, J.A.R., Rovira, X., Pin, J.P., Goudet, C., Gorostiza, P., Giraldo, J., Llebaria, A.

Protective coatings for aluminum alloy based on hyperbranched 1,4-polytriazoles. Armelin, E., Whelan, R., Martínez-Triana, Y.M., Aleman, C., Finn, M.G., Díaz, D.D.

Sexual communication in castniid moths: Males mark their territories and appear to bear all chemical burden. Quero, C., Monteys, V.S.I., Rosell, G., Puigmartí, M., Guerrero, A.

The impact of an extended nucleobase-2′-deoxyribose linker in the biophysical and biological properties of oligonucleotides. Carnero, A., Pérez-Rentero, S., Alagia, A., Aviñó, A., Sanghvi, Y.S., Fernández, S., Ferrero, M., Eritja, R.


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