Artículos IDAEA Enero

3D GIS-based visualisation of geological, hydrogeological, hydrogeochemical and geothermal models. Alcaraz, M., Vázquez-Suñé, E., Velasco, V., Diviu, M.

A geochemical approach to the restoration plans for the Odiel River basin (SW Spain), a watershed deeply polluted by acid mine drainage. Macías, F., Pérez-López, R., Caraballo, M.A., Sarmiento, A.M., Cánovas, C.R., Nieto, J.M., Olías, M., Ayora, C.

A systematic study on the effect of noise and shift on multivariate figures of merit of second-order calibration algorithms. Ahmadvand, M., Parastar, H., Sereshti, H., Olivieri, A., Tauler, R.

Characterization and modeling of the alteration of fractured class-G Portland cement during flow of CO2-rich brine. Abdoulghafour, H., Gouze, P., Luquot, L., Leprovost, R.

Coupled continuous-time random walks for fluid stretching in two-dimensional heterogeneous media. Dentz, M., Lester, D.R., Le Borgne, T., De Barros, F.P.J.

Cross-hole electrical resistivity tomography characterization and monitoring of seawater interface in an alluvial aquife. Ledo, J., Bellmunt, F., Luquot, L., Bosch, D., Marcuello, A., Queralt, P., Folch, A., Martínez, L., Del Val, L., Carrera, J., Vázquez-Suñé, E., Pezard, P., García-Orellana, J., Saaltink, M.

Diet-sourced carbon-based nanoparticles induce lipid alterations in tissues of zebrafish (Danio rerio) with genomic hypermethylation changes in brain. Gorrochategui, E., Li, J., Fullwood, N.J., Ying, G.-G., Tian, M., Cui, L., Shen, H., Lacorte, S., Tauler, R., Martin, F.L.

Do air quality targets really represent safe limits for lung cancer risk? Buonanno, G., Stabile, L., Morawska, L., Giovinco, G., Querol, X.

Effect of dissolved H2SO4 on the interaction between CO2-rich brine solutions and limestone, sandstone and marl. Thaysen, E.M., Soler, J.M., Boone, M., Cnudde, V., Cama, J.

Efficiency of magnesium hydroxide as engineering seal in the geological sequestration of CO2. Dávila, G., Cama, J., Galí, S., Luquot, L., Soler, J.M.

Enhanced reaction kinetics and reactive mixing scale dynamics in mixing fronts under shear flow for arbitrary Damköhler numbers. Bandopadhyay, A., Le Borgne, T., Méheust, Y., Dentz, M.

ERT Monitoring the effects of irrigation with a blend of desalinated/brackish groundwater on an instrumental plot. Himi, M., Valdés-Abellán, J., Lovera, R., Queralt, I., Tapias, J.C., Candela, L., Casas, A.

Evaluation of the potential of volcanic rock waste from southern Brazil as a natural soil fertilizer. Ramos, C.G., Querol, X., Dalmora, A.C., de Jesus Pires, K.C., Schneider, I.A.H., Oliveira, L.F.S., Kautzmann, R.M.

Experimental and modeling study of the interaction between a crushed marl caprock and CO2-rich solutions under different pressure and temperature conditions. Dávila, G., Cama, J., Luquot, L., Soler, J.M., Ayora, C.

Heletz experimental site overview, characterization and data analysis for CO<inf>2</inf> injection and geological storage. Niemi, A., Rasmusson, K., Liang, T., Fagerlund, F.

Immunotoxicological effects of arsenic bioaccumulation on spatial metallomics and cellular enzyme response in the spleen of male Wistar rats after oral intake. Soria, E.A., Pérez, R.D., Queralt, I., Pérez, C.A., Bongiovanni, G.A.

Investigating heritability of cadmium tolerance in Chironomus riparius natural populations: A physiological approach. Pedrosa, J., Gravato, C., Campos, D., Cardoso, P., Figueira, E., Nowak, C., Soares, A.M.V.M., Barata, C., Pestana, J.L.T.

Leveling vs. InSAR in urban underground construction monitoring: Pros and cons. Case of la sagrera railway station (Barcelona, Spain). Serrano-Juan, A., Pujades, E., Vázquez-Suñè, E., Crosetto, M., Cuevas-González, M.

Multi-residue method for the determination of antibiotics and some of their metabolites in seafood. Serra-Compte, A., Álvarez-Muñoz, D., Rodríguez-Mozaz, S., Barceló, D.

Occurrence of halogenated flame retardants in commercial seafood species available in European markets. Aznar-Alemany, Ò., Trabalón, L., Jacobs, S., Barbosa, V.L., Tejedor, M.F., Granby, K., Kwadijk, C., Cunha, S.C., Ferrari, F., Vandermeersch, G., Sioen, I., Verbeke, W., Vilavert, L., Domingo, J.L., Eljarrat, E., Barceló, D.

Powerful combination of analytical and chemometric methods for the photodegradation of 5-Fluorouracil. Gómez-Canela, C., Bolivar-Subirats, G., Tauler, R., Lacorte, S.

Response of Lemna gibba L. to high and environmentally relevant concentrations of ibuprofen: Removal, metabolism and morpho-physiological traits for biomonitoring of emerging contaminants. Di Baccio, D., Pietrini, F., Bertolotto, P., Pérez, S., Barcelò, D., Zacchini, M., Donati, E.

Scalar gradients in stirred mixtures and the deconstruction of random fields. Le Borgne, T., Huck, P.D., Dentz, M., Villermaux, E.

Simulation of chemical reaction localization using a multi-porosity reactive transport approach. Soler-Sagarra, J., Luquot, L., Martínez-Pérez, L., Saaltink, M.W., De Gaspari, F., Carrera, J.

Structural Analysis of Multi-component Amyloid Systems by Chemometric SAXS Data Decomposition. Herranz-Trillo, F., Groenning, M., van Maarschalkerweerd, A., Tauler, R., Vestergaard, B., Bernadó, P.

Study of the effect of the bacterial and fungal communities present in real wastewater effluents on the performance of fungal treatments. Badia-Fabregat, M., Lucas, D., Tuomivirta, T., Fritze, H., Pennanen, T., Rodríguez-Mozaz, S., Barceló, D., Caminal, G., Vicent, T.

Thermal effects on geologic carbon storage. Vilarrasa, V., Rutqvist, J.

Validation of a two-generational reproduction test in Daphnia magna: An interlaboratory exercise. Barata, C., Campos, B., Rivetti, C., LeBlanc, G.A., Eytcheson, S., McKnight, S., Tobor-Kaplon, M., de Vries Buitenweg, S., Choi, S., Choi, J., Sarapultseva, E.I., Coutellec, M.-A., Coke, M., Pandard, P., Chaumot, A., Quéau, H., Delorme, N., Geffard, O., Martínez-Jerónimo, F., Watanabe, H., Tatarazako, N., Lopes, I., Pestana, J.L.T., Soares, A.M.V.M., Pereira, C.M., De Schamphelaere, K.



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