Artículos IDAEA Noviembre

A city scale study on the effects of intensive groundwater heat pump systems on heavy metal contents in groundwater. García-Gil, A., Epting, J., Garrido, E., Vázquez-Suñé, E., Lázaro, J.M., Sánchez Navarro, J.Á., Huggenberger, P., Calvo, M.Á.M.

A rapid method for the analysis of methyl dihydrojasmonate and galaxolide in indoor and outdoor air particulate matter. Fontal, M., van Drooge, B.L., Grimalt, J.O.

A reactive transport model for the quantification of risks induced by groundwater heat pump systems in urban aquifers. García-Gil, A., Epting, J., Ayora, C., Garrido, E., Vázquez-Suñé, E., Huggenberger, P., Gimenez, A.C.

Ambiguities in Multivariate Curve Resolution. Malik, A., Tauler, R.

Anti-anxiety drugs and fish behavior: Establishing the link between internal concentrations of oxazepam and behavioral effects. Huerta, B., Margiotta-Casaluci, L., Rodríguez-Mozaz, S., Scholze, M., Winter, M.J., Barceló, D., Sumpter, J.P.

Chemical and toxicological characterisation of anticancer drugs in hospital and municipal wastewaters from Slovenia and Spain. Isidori, M., Lavorgna, M., Russo, C., Kundi, M., Žegura, B., Novak, M., Filipič, M., Mišík, M., Knasmueller, S., de Alda, M.L., Barceló, D., Žonja, B., Česen, M., Ščančar, J., Kosjek, T., Heath, E.

Clinical efficacy of desensitizing mouthwashes for the control of dentin hypersensitivity and root sensitivity: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Molina, A., García-Gargallo, M., Montero, E., Tobías, A., Sanz, M., Martín, C.

Comparative toxicity, oxidative stress and endocrine disruption potential of plasticizers in JEG-3 human placental cells. Pérez-Albaladejo, E., Fernandes, D., Lacorte, S., Porte, C.

Detoxification of sewage sludge by natural attenuation and implications for its use as a fertilizer on agricultural soils. Mazzeo, D.E.C., Casado, M., Piña, B., Marin-Morales, M.A.

Elimination study of the chemotherapy drug tamoxifen by different advanced oxidation processes: Transformation products and toxicity assessment. Ferrando-Climent, L., Gonzalez-Olmos, R., Anfruns, A., Aymerich, I., Corominas, L., Barceló, D., Rodriguez-Mozaz, S.

Exploring the disruptive effects of TBT on lipid homeostasis of Daphnia magna using chemometric methods. Malik, A., Jordao, R., Campos, B., Casas, J., Barata, C., Tauler, R.

Mercury uptake and effects on growth in Jatropha curcas. Marrugo-Negrete, J., Durango-Hernández, J., Pinedo-Hernández, J., Enamorado-Montes, G., Díez, S.

Mineral composition and geochemical characteristics of the Li-Ga-rich coals in the Buertaohai-Tianjiashipan mining district, Jungar Coalfield, Inner Mongolia. Li, J., Zhuang, X., Yuan, W., Liu, B., Querol, X., Font, O., Moreno, N., Li, J., Gang, T., Liang, G.

Multivariate Curve Resolution-Alternating Least Squares for Spectroscopic Data. de Juan, A., Tauler, R.

Noise-driven interfaces and their macroscopic representation. Dentz, M., Neuweiler, I., Méheust, Y., Tartakovsky, D.M.

Relationships between lines of evidence of pollution in estuarine areas: Linking contaminant levels with biomarker responses in mussels and with structure of macroinvertebrate benthic communities. De los Rios, A.; Echavarri-Erasun, B.; Lacorte, S.; Sanchez-Avila, J.; De Jonge, M.; Blust, R.; Orbea, A.; Juanes, J. A.; Cajaraville, M. P.

Removal of endocrine disrupting compounds from wastewater by microalgae co-immobilized in alginate beads. Sole, A; Matamoros, V.

Sea surface temperature variability in the North Western Mediterranean Sea (Gulf of Lion) during the Common Era. Sicre, M.-A., Jalali, B., Martrat, B., Schmidt, S., Bassetti, M.-A., Kallel, N.

The role of genetic diversity and past-history selection pressures in the susceptibility of Chironomus riparius populations to environmental stress. Pedrosa, J., Cocchiararo, B., Bordalo, M.D., Rodrigues, A.C., Soares, A.M.V.M., Barata, C., Nowak, C., Pestana, J.

The role of the stress regime on microseismicity induced by overpressure and cooling in geologic carbon storage. Vilarrasa, V.

Time domain random walks for hydrodynamic transport in heterogeneous media. Russian, A., Dentz, M., Gouze, P.

Tracer test modeling for characterizing heterogeneity and local-scale residence time distribution in an artificial recharge site. Valhondo, C., Martínez-Landa, L., Hidalgo, J., Tubau, I., De Pourcq, K., Grau-Martínez, A., Ayora, C.

Vertically aligned carbon nanotubes as anode and air-cathode in single chamber microbial fuel cells. Amade, R., Moreno, H.A., Hussain, S., Vila-Costa, M., Bertran, E.


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