Artículos IDAEA Septiembre

1H NMR metabolomic study of auxotrophic starvation in yeast using Multivariate Curve Resolution-Alternating Least Squares for Pathway Analysis. Puig-Castellví, F., Alfonso, I., Pinã, B., Tauler, R.

2D reactive transport modeling of the interaction between a marl and a CO2-rich sulfate solution under supercritical CO2 conditions. Dávila, G., Luquot, L., Soler, J.M., Cama, J.

A European aerosol phenomenology -4: Harmonized concentrations of carbonaceous aerosol at 10 regional background sites across Europe. Cavalli, F., Alastuey, A., Areskoug, H., Ceburnis, D., Čech, J., Genberg, J., Harrison, R.M., Jaffrezo, J.L., Kiss, G., Laj, P., Mihalopoulos, N., Perez, N., Quincey, P., Schwarz, J., Sellegri, K., Spindler, G., Swietlicki, E., Theodosi, C., Yttri, K.E., Aas, W., Putaud, J.P.

Advances in enantioselective analysis of chiral brominated flame retardants. Current status, limitations and future perspectives. Badea, SL; Niculescu, VC; Ionete, RE; Eljarrat, E.

Air-Seawater Exchange of Organochlorine Pesticides in the Southern Ocean between Australia and Antarctica. Bigot, M; Muir, DCG; Hawker, DW; Cropp, R; Dachs, J; Teixeira, CF; Nash, SB.

Analysis of EU Legislated Compounds for Assessing Chemical Status: Main Challenges and Inconsistencies. Caixach, J., Bartolomé, A.

Anthropogenic versus mineral aerosols in the stimulation of microbial planktonic communities in coastal waters of the northwestern Mediterranean Sea. Marín, I., Nunes, S., Sánchez-Pérez, E.D., Aparicio, F.L., Estrada, M., Marrasé, C., Moreno, T., Wagener, T., Querol, X., Peters, F.

Case studies of source apportionment and suggested measures at southern European cities. Amato, F., Lucarelli, F., Nava, S., Calzolai, G., Karanasiou, A., Colombi, C., Gianelle, V.L., Alves, C., Custódio, D., Eleftheriadis, K., Diapouli, E., Reche, C., Alastuey, A., Minguillón, M.C., Severi, M., Becagli, S., Nunes, T., Cerqueira, M., Pio, C., Manousakas, M., Maggos, T., Vratolis, S., Harrison, R.M., Querol, X.

Characterization of multiple nestin isoforms in the goldfish brain. Venables, MJ; Navarro-Martin, L; Basak, A; Baum, BR; Zhang, DP; Trudeau, VL.

Chemometric analysis of comprehensive LC×LC-MS data: Resolution of triacylglycerol structural isomers in corn oil. Navarro-Reig, M., Jaumot, J., van Beek, T.A., Vivó-Truyols, G., Tauler, R.

Comprehensive characterization of anticoagulant rodenticides in sludge by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. Gomez-Canela, C; Lacorte, S.

Compression strategies for the chemometric analysis of mass spectrometry imaging data. Bedia, C., Tauler, R., Jaumot, J.

Early onset of industrial-era warming across the oceans and continents. Abram, N.J., McGregor, H.V., Tierney, J.E., Evans, M.N., McKay, N.P., Kaufman, D.S., Thirumalai, K., Martrat, B., Goosse, H., Phipps, S.J., Steig, E.J., Kilbourne, K.H., Saenger, C.P., Zinke, J., Leduc, G., Addison, J.A., Mortyn, P.G., Seidenkrantz, M.-S., Sicre, M.-A., Selvaraj, K., Filipsson, H.L., Neukom, R., Gergis, J., Curran, M.A.J., Von Gunten, L.

Effect of hygroscopic growth on the aerosol light-scattering coefficient: A review of measurements, techniques and error sources. Titos, G; Cazorla, A; Zieger, P; Andrews, E; Lyamani, H; Granados-Munoz, MJ; Olmo, FJ; Alados-Arboledas, L.

Environmental variation of PCDD/Fs and dl-PCBs in two tropical Andean Colombian cities using passive samplers.  Cortes, J; Cobo, M; Gonzalez, CM; Gomez, CD; Abalos, M; Aristizabal, BH.

Epicuticular wax in developing olives (Olea europaea) is highly dependent upon cultivar and fruit ripeness. Vichi, S., Cortés-Francisco, N., Caixach, J., Barrios, G., Mateu, J., Ninot, A., Romero, A.

Erratum: Persistent Organic Pollutants in the European Atmosphere (Handbook of Environmental Chemistry (2013) 26 (75-100)). Van Drooge, B.L., Grimalt, J.O.

Exposure to ultrafine particles and respiratory hospitalisations in five European cities. Samoli, E., Andersen, Z.J., Katsouyanni, K., Hennig, F., Kuhlbusch, T.A.J., Bellander, T., Cattani, G., Cyrys, J., Forastiere, F., Jacquemin, B., Kulmala, M., Lanki, T., Loft, S., Massling, A., Tobias, A., Stafoggia, M.

First inter-laboratory comparison exercise for the determination of anticancer drugs in aqueous samples. Heath, E., Česen, M., Negreira, N., de Alda, M.L., Ferrando-Climent, L., Blahova, L., Nguyen, T.V., Adahchour, M., Ruebel, A., Llewellyn, N., Ščančar, J., Novaković, S., Mislej, V., Stražar, M., Barceló, D., Kosjek, T.

H-1 NMR metabolomic study of auxotrophic starvation in yeast using Multivariate Curve Resolution-Alternating Least Squares for Pathway Analysis. Puig-Castellvi, F; Alfonso, I; Pina, B; Tauler, R.

Human exposure to endocrine disrupting compounds: Their role in reproductive systems, metabolic syndrome and breast cancer. A review. Giulivo, M., Lopez de Alda, M., Capri, E., Barceló, D.

Identification of markers of cancer in urban sewage through the use of a suspect screening approach. Ferrando-Climent, L., Reid, M.J., Rodriguez-Mozaz, S., Barceló, D., Thomas, K.V.

LC-MS based metabolomics and chemometrics study of the toxic effects of copper on Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Farrés, M., Piña, B., Tauler, R.

MALDI-TOF MS Imaging evidences spatial differences in the degradation of solid polycaprolactone diol in water under aerobic and denitrifying conditions. Rivas, D; Ginebreda, A; Perez, S; Quero, C; Barcelo, D.

Medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw: Is autologous platelet concentrate application effective for prevention and treatment? A systematic review. Lopez-Jornet, P; Perez, AS; Mendes, RA; Tobias, A.

Mediterranean intense desert dust outbreaks and their vertical structure based on remote sensing data. Gkikas, A; Basart, S; Hatzianastassiou, N; Marinou, E; Amiridis, V; Kazadzis, S; Pey, J; Querol, X; Jorba, O; Gass, S; Baldasano, JM.

Methodology for trace analysis of 17 pyrethroids and chlorpyrifos in foodstuff by gas chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry. Dallegrave, A., Pizzolato, T.M., Barreto, F., Eljarrat, E., Barceló, D.

Non conventional biological treatment based on Trametes versicolor for the elimination of recalcitrant anticancer drugs in hospital wastewater. Ferrando-Climent, L., Cruz-Morató, C., Marco-Urrea, E., Vicent, T., Sarrà, M., Rodriguez-Mozaz, S., Barceló, D.

On the origin of the highest ozone episodes in Spain. Querol, X., Alastuey, A., Reche, C., Orio, A., Pallares, M., Reina, F., Dieguez, J.J., Mantilla, E., Escudero, M., Alonso, L., Gangoiti, G., Millán, M.

On the simultaneous deployment of two single-particle mass spectrometers at an urban background and a roadside site during SAPUSS. Dall’Osto, M., Beddows, D.C.S., McGillicuddy, E.J., Esser-Gietl, J.K., Harrison, R.M., Wenger, J.C.

Perfluoroalkyl substances in Breast milk, infant formula and baby food from Valencian Community (Spain). Lorenzo, M., Farré, M., Blasco, C., Onghena, M., Picó, Y., Barceló, D.

Pollutants of Emerging Concern in Rivers of Catalonia: Occurrence, Fate, and Risk. Ginebreda, A., Pérez, S., Rivas, D., Kuzmanovic, M., Barceló, D.

Removal of endocrine disrupting compounds from wastewater by microalgae co-immobilized in alginate beads. Solé, A., Matamoros, V.

Reviewing Biological Indices and Biomarkers Suitability to Analyze Human Impacts. Emergent Tools to Analyze Biological Status in Rivers. Barata, C., Porte, C., Piña, B.

Seed-bank structure and plant-recruitment conditions regulate the dynamics of a grassland-shrubland Chihuahuan ecotone. Heras Heras, M.M.-D.L., Turnbull, L., Wainwright, J.

Time-lapse downhole electrical resistivity monitoring of subsurface CO2 storage at the Maguelone shallow experimental site (Languedoc, France). Pezard, P.A., Denchik, N., Lofi, J., Perroud, H., Henry, G., Neyens, D., Luquot, L., Levannier, A.

Using a polymer probe characterized by MALDI-TOF/MS to assess river ecosystem functioning: From polymer selection to field tests. Rivas, D., Ginebreda, A., Elosegi, A., Pozo, J., Pérez, S., Quero, C., Barceló, D.

Water Status Assessment in the Catalan River Basin District: Experience Gathered after 15 Years with the Water Framework Directive (WFD). Munné, A., Ginebreda, A., Prat, N.


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