Artículos IDAEA Junio

Airborne copper exposure in school environments associated with poorer motor performance and altered basal ganglia. Pujol, J., Fenoll, R., Macià, D., Martínez-Vilavella, G., Alvarez-Pedrerol, M., Rivas, I., Forns, J., Deus, J., Blanco-Hinojo, L., Querol, X., Sunyer, J.

AIRUSE-LIFE plus : a harmonized PM speciation and source apportionment in five southern European cities. Amato, F; Alastuey, A; Karanasiou, A; Lucarelli, F; Nava, S; Calzolai, G; Severi, M; Becagli, S; Gianelle, VL; Colombi, C; Alves, C; Custodio, D; Nunes, T; Cerqueira, M; Pio, C; Eleftheriadis, K; Diapouli, E; Reche, C; Minguillon, MC; Manousakas, MI; Maggos, T; Vratolis, S; Harrison, RM; Querol, X.

Assessment of the environmental quality of coastal sediments by using a combination of in vitro bioassays. Pérez-Albaladejo, E., Rizzi, J., Fernandes, D., Lille-Langøy, R., Karlsen, O.A., Goksøyr, A., Oros, A., Spagnoli, F., Porte, C.

Biodegradability of the anticancer drug etoposide and identification of the transformation products. Kosjek, T., Negreira, N., Heath, E., de Alda, M.L., Barceló, D.

Changes in Susceptibility to Heat during the Summer: A Multicountry Analysis. Gasparrini, A., Guo, Y., Hashizume, M., Lavigne, E., Tobias, A., Zanobetti, A., Schwartz, J.D., Leone, M., Michelozzi, P., Kan, H., Tong, S., Honda, Y., Kim, H., Armstrong, B.G.

Characterization and modeling of the alteration of fractured class-G Portland cement during flow of CO2-rich brine. Abdoulghafour, H., Gouze, P., Luquot, L., Leprovost, R.

Characterization of multiple nestin isoforms in the goldfish brain. Venables, M.J., Navarro-Martín, L., Basak, A., Baum, B.R., Zhang, D., Trudeau, V.L.

Children’s well-being at schools: Impact of climatic conditions and air pollution. Salthammer, T., Uhde, E., Schripp, T., Schieweck, A., Morawska, L., Mazaheri, M., Clifford, S., He, C., Buonanno, G., Querol, X., Viana, M., Kumar, P.

CO2-rich brine percolation experiments through Heletz reservoir rock samples (Israel): Role of the flow rate and brine composition. Luquot, L., Gouze, P., Niemi, A., Bensabat, J., Carrera, J.

Degradation kinetics and pathways of three calcium channel blockers under UV irradiation. Zhu, B., Zonja, B., Gonzalez, O., Sans, C., Pérez, S., Barceló, D., Esplugas, S., Xu, K., Qiang, Z.

Drospirenone intake alters plasmatic steroid levels and cyp17a1 expression in gonads of juvenile sea bass. Blanco, M., Fernandes, D., Medina, P., Blázquez, M., Porte, C.

Endocrine disruption in the omics era: New views, new hazards, new approaches. Oliveira, E., Barata, C., Piña, B.

Environmental and personal determinants of the uptake of disinfection by-products during swimming. Font-Ribera, L., Kogevinas, M., Schmalz, C., Zwiener, C., Marco, E., Grimalt, J.O., Liu, J., Zhang, X., Mitch, W., Critelli, R., Naccarati, A., Heederik, D., Spithoven, J., Arjona, L., de Bont, J., Gracia-Lavedan, E., Villanueva, C.M.

Geochemistry of PM10 over Europe during the EMEP intensive measurement periods in summer 2012 and winter 2013. Alastuey, A., Querol, X., Aas, W., Lucarelli, F., Pérez, N., Moreno, T., Cavalli, F., Areskoug, H., Balan, V., Catrambone, M., Ceburnis, D., Cerro, J.C., Conil, S., Gevorgyan, L., Hueglin, C., Imre, K., Jaffrezo, J.-L., Leeson, S.R., Mihalopoulos, N., Mitosinkova, M., O’Dowd, C.D., Pey, J., Putaud, J.-P., Riffault, V., Ripoll, A., Sciare, J., Sellegri, K., Spindler, G., Espen Yttri, K.

High atmosphere-ocean exchange of semivolatile aromatic hydrocarbons. González-Gaya, B., Fernández-Pinos, M.-C., Morales, L., Méjanelle, L., Abad, E., Piña, B., Duarte, C.M., Jiménez, B., Dachs, J.

Induction of multixenobiotic defense mechanisms in resistant Daphnia magna clones as a general cellular response to stress. Jordao, R; Campos, B; Lemos, MFL; Soares, AMVM; Tauler, R; Barata, C.

Mercury distribution in organs of fish species and the associated risk in traditional subsistence villagers of the Pantanal wetland. Ceccatto, APS; Testoni, MC; Ignacio, ARA; Santos, M; Malm, O; Diez, S.

Metabolic profiling for the identification of Huntington biomarkers by on-line solid-phase extraction capillary electrophoresis mass spectrometry combined with advanced data analysis tools. Pont, L., Benavente, F., Jaumot, J., Tauler, R., Alberch, J., Ginés, S., Barbosa, J., Sanz-Nebot, V.

Millennial-scale vegetation changes in the tropical Andes using ecological grouping and ordination methods. Urrego, DH; Hooghiemstra, H; Rama-Corredor, O; Martrat, B; Grimalt, JO; Thompson, L; Bush, MB; Gonzalez-Carranza, Z; Hanselman, J; Valencia, B; Velasquez-Ruiz, C.

Occurrence of drugs of abuse in surface water from four Spanish river basins: Spatial and temporal variations and environmental risk assessment. Mastroianni, N., Bleda, M.J., López de Alda, M., Barceló, D.

Perfluoroalkylated Substance Effects in Xenopus laevis A6 Kidney Epithelial Cells Determined by ATR-FTIR Spectroscopy and Chemometric Analysis. Gorrochategui, E., Lacorte, S., Tauler, R., Martin, F.L.

Pesticides in the Ebro River basin: Occurrence and risk assessment. Ccanccapa, A; Masia, A; Navarro-Ortega, A; Pico, Y; Barcelo, D

Photochemical Effects on Oil Spill Fingerprinting. Albaigés, J., Bayona, J.M., Radović, J.R.

Powdered Ca-activated zeolite for phosphate removal from treated waste-water. Hermassi, M., Valderrama, C., Moreno, N., Font, O., Querol, X., Batis, N., Cortina, J.L.

Ripening and storage conditions of Chétoui and Arbequina olives: Part II. Effect on olive endogenous enzymes and virgin olive oil secoiridoid profile determined by high resolution mass spectrometry. Hachicha Hbaieb, R., Kotti, F., Cortes-Francisco, N., Caixach, J., Gargouri, M., Vichi, S.

Role of oxygen and DOM in sunlight induced photodegradation of organophosphorous flame retardants in river water. Cristale, J., Dantas, R.F., De Luca, A., Sans, C., Esplugas, S., Lacorte, S.

Shared effects of organic microcontaminants and environmental stressors on biofilms and invertebrates in impaired rivers. Sabater, S., Barceló, D., De Castro-Català, N., Ginebreda, A., Kuzmanovic, M., Petrovic, M., Picó, Y., Ponsatí, L., Tornés, E., Muñoz, I.

Special Issue Preface dedicated to Prof. Marco Mascini. Palchetti, I; Hansen, PD; Barcelo, D.

Traffic pollution exposure is associated with altered brain connectivity in school children. Pujol, J., Martínez-Vilavella, G., Macià, D., Fenoll, R., Alvarez-Pedrerol, M., Rivas, I., Forns, J., Blanco-Hinojo, L., Capellades, J., Querol, X., Deus, J., Sunyer, J.

Validating alternative methodologies to estimate the regime of temporary rivers when flow data are unavailable. Gallart, F., Llorens, P., Latron, J., Cid, N., Rieradevall, M., Prat, N.

Vertical and horizontal variability of PM10 source contributions in Barcelona during SAPUSS. Brines, M., Dall’Osto, M., Amato, F., Minguillón, M.C., Karanasiou, A., Alastuey, A., Querol, X.

Water, vapour and heat transport in concrete cells for storing radioactive waste. Carme Chaparro, M., Saaltink, M.W.












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