Artículos IQAC Abril

3-Ketosphinganine provokes the accumulation of dihydroshingolipids and induces autophagy in cancer cells. Ordóñez, Y.F., González, J., Bedia, C., Casas, J., Abad, J.L., Delgado, A., Fabrias, G.

A Streptomyces lividans SipY deficient strain as a host for protein production: Standardization of operational alternatives for model proteins. Gabarró, M.V., Gullón, S., Vicente, R.L., Caminal, G., Mellado, R.P., López-Santín, J.

Biodegradability and aquatic toxicity of quaternary ammonium-based gemini surfactants: Effect of the spacer on their ecological properties. Garcia, M.T., Kaczerewska, O., Ribosa, I., (…), Materna, P., Drgas, M.

Biodegradable liposome-encapsulated hydrogels for biomedical applications: A marriage of convenience. Grijalvo, S., Mayr, J., Eritja, R., Díaz, D.D.

Detection and characterization of clostebol sulfate metabolites in Caucasian population. Balcells, G., Pozo, O.J., Garrostas, L., Esquivel, A., Matabosch, X., Kotronoulas, A., Joglar, J., Ventura, R.

Investigation of original multivalent iminosugars as pharmacological chaperones for the treatment of Gaucher disease. Laigre, E., Hazelard, D., Casas, J., Serra-Vinardell, J., Michelakakis, H., Mavridou, I., Aerts, J.M.F.G., Delgado, A., Compain, P.

Sexual communication in day-flying Lepidoptera with special reference to castniids or ‘butterfly-moths’. Sarto i Monteys, V., Quero, C., Santa-Cruz, M.C., Rosell, G., Guerrero, A.

Spontaneous emulsification. Solans, C., Morales, D., Homs, M.

Squaramides with cytotoxic activity against human gastric carcinoma cells HGC-27: Synthesis and mechanism of action. Quintana, M., Alegre-Requena, J.V., Marqués-López, E., Herrera, R.P., Triola, G.

The role of helper lipids in the intracellular disposition and transfection efficiency of niosome formulations for gene delivery to retinal pigment epithelial cells. Ojeda, E., Puras, G., Agirre, M., Zarate, J., Grijalvo, S., Eritja, R., Digiacomo, L., Caracciolo, G., Pedraz, J.-L.

Towards sustainable solid-state supercapacitors: Electroactive conducting polymers combined with biohydrogels. Pérez-Madrigal, M.M., Estrany, F., Armelin, E., Díaz, D.D., Alemán, C.



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