Artículos IQAC Diciembre

Dynamic assembly of a zinc-templated bifunctional organocatalyst in the presence of water for the asymmetric aldol reaction. Serra-Pont, A., Alfonso, I., Jimeno, C., Solà, J.

Effect of water treatment on the fiber-matrix bonding and durability of cellulose fiber cement composites. Ardanuy, M., Claramunt, J., Ventura, H., Manich, A.M.

GABAergic pharmacotherapy in the treatment of motor disorders of the central nervous system. Gazulla, J., Ruiz-Gazulla, C., Tintoré, M.

Gold-Coated Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles for Single Methyl Discrimination in DNA Aptamers. Tintore, M; Mazzini, S; Polito, L; Marelli, M; Latorre, A; Somoza, A; Aviñó, A; Fabrega, C; Eritja, R.

Intragel photoreduction of aryl halides by green-to-blue upconversion under aerobic conditions. Haring, M; Perez-Ruiz, R; von Wangelin, AJ; Diaz, DD.

New Insights into Gene Delivery to Human Neuronal Precursor NT2 Cells: A Comparative Study between Lipoplexes, Nioplexes, and Polyplexes. Agirre, M; Ojeda, E; Zarate, J; Puras, G; Grijalvo, S; Eritja, R; del Cano, GG; Barrondo, S; Gonzalez-Burguera, I; de Jesus, ML; Salles, J; Pedraz, JL.

PEGylated and poloxamer-modified chitosan nanoparticles incorporating a lysine-based surfactant for pH-triggered doxorubicin release. Scheeren, L.E., Nogueira, D.R., Macedo, L.B., Vinardell, M., Mitjans, M., Infante, M., Rolim, C.M.B.

Sensitive and label-free detection of miRNA-145 by triplex formation. Aviñó, A., Huertas, C.S., Lechuga, L.M., Eritja, R.

Stereoselective recognition of the Ac-Glu-Tyr-OH dipeptide by pseudopeptidic cages. Faggi, E., Vicent, C., Luis, S.V., Alfonso, I.

The influence of the polar head-group of synthetic cationic lipids on the transfection efficiency mediated by niosomes in rat retina and brain. Ojeda, E., Puras, G., Agirre, M., Zarate, J., Grijalvo, S., Eritja, R., Martinez-Navarrete, G., Soto-Sánchez, C., Diaz-Tahoces, A., Aviles-Trigueros, M., Fernández, E., Pedraz, J.L.

Valorization of tannery wastes: Lipoamino acid surfactant mixtures from the protein fraction of process wastewater. Bautista, M.E., Pérez, L., García, M.T., Cuadros, S., Marsal, A.



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