Artículos IDAEA Junio

Bacteria-Mediated Effects of Antibiotics on Daphnia Nutrition. Gorokhova, E; Rivetti, C; Furuhagen, S; Edlund, A; Ek, K; Breitholtz, M.

Behavior of nine selected emerging trace organic contaminants in an artificial recharge system supplemented with a reactive barrier. Valhondo, C., Carrera, J., Ayora, C., Barbieri, M., Nödler, K., Licha, T., Huerta, M.

Broad spectrum analysis of polar and apolar organic compounds in submicron atmospheric particles. Fontal, M., van Drooge, B.L., López, J.F., Fernández, P., Grimalt, J.O.

Combining multiset resolution and segmentation for hyperspectral image analysis of biological tissues. Piqueras, S., Krafft, C., Beleites, C., Egodage, K., von Eggeling, F., Guntinas-Lichius, O., Popp, J., Tauler, R., de Juan, A.

Degradation kinetics and pathways of three calcium channel blockers under UV irradiation. Zhu, B., Zonja, B., Gonzalez, O., Sans, C., Pérez, S., Barceló, D., Esplugas, S., Xu, K., Qiang, Z.

Determination of a broad spectrum of pharmaceuticals and endocrine disruptors in biofilm from a waste water treatment plant-impacted river. Huerta, B., Rodriguez-Mozaz, S., Nannou, C., Nakis, L., Ruhí, A., Acuña, V., Sabater, S., Barcelo, D.

Development of a polymer inclusion membrane (PIM) for the preconcentration of antibiotics in environmental water samples. Garcia-Rodríguez, A., Matamoros, V., Kolev, S.D., Fontàs, C.

Emerging organic contaminant removal in a full-scale hybrid constructed wetland system for wastewater treatment and reuse. Ávila, C., Bayona, J.M., Martín, I., Salas, J.J., García, J.

Extraction of climatic signals from fossil organic compounds in marine sediments up to 11.7Ma old (IODP-U1318). Farrés, M., Martrat, B., de Mol, B., Grimalt, J.O., Tauler, R.

Food sources of arsenic in pregnant Mediterranean women with high urine concentrations of this metalloid. Fort, M., Grimalt, J.O., Casas, M., Sunyer, J.

Geochemistry of mercury in tropical swamps impacted by gold mining. Marrugo-Negrete, J., Pinedo-Hernández, J., Díez, S.

High-field FT-ICR mass spectrometry and NMR spectroscopy to characterize DOM removal through a nanofiltration pilot plant. Cortés-Francisco, N., Harir, M., Lucio, M., Ribera, G., Martínez-Lladó, X., Rovira, M., Schmitt-Kopplin, P., Hertkorn, N., Caixach, J.

Hydrogeological impact assessment by tunnelling at sites of high sensitivity. Pujades, E., Vázquez-Suñé, E., Culí, L., Carrera, J., Ledesma, A., Jurado, A.

In response: The evidence-What actions are needed to effectively transfer from science to policy? An academic perspective. Sabater, S., Segner, H., Posthuma, L., Barceló, D.

Increased levels of dioxin-like substances in adipose tissue in patients with deep infiltrating endometriosis. Martínez-Zamora, M.A., Mattioli, L., Parera, J., Abad, E., Coloma, J.L., Van Babel, B., Galceran, M.T., Balasch, J., Carmona, F.

Increasing and decreasing trends of the atmospheric deposition of organochlorine compounds in European remote areas during the last decade. Arellano, L., Fernández, P., Fonts, R., Rose, N.L., Nickus, U., Thies, H., Stuchlík, E., Camarero, L., Catalan, J., Grimalt, J.O.

Multi-continuum Approach to Modelling Shale Gas Extraction. Russian, A., Gouze, P., Dentz, M., Gringarten, A.

New particle formation at ground level and in the vertical column over the Barcelona area. Minguillón, M.C., Brines, M., Pérez, N., Reche, C., Pandolfi, M., Fonseca, A.S., Amato, F., Alastuey, A., Lyasota, A., Codina, B., Lee, H.-K., Eun, H.-R., Ahn, K.-H., Querol, X.

Photolysis of the antidepressants amisulpride and desipramine in wastewaters: Identification of transformation products formed and their fate. Gros, M., Williams, M., Llorca, M., Rodriguez-Mozaz, S., Barceló, D., Kookana, R.S.

Progesterone is actively metabolized to 5α-pregnane-3,20-dione and 3β-hydroxy-5α-pregnan-20-one by the marine mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis. Dimastrogiovanni, G., Fernandes, D., Bonastre, M., Porte, C.

Quantitative profiling of perfluoroalkyl substances by ultrahigh-performance liquid chromatography and hybrid quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry. Pico, Y; Farre, M; Barcelo, D.

Regime shifts in bistable water-stressed ecosystems due to amplification of stochastic rainfall patterns. Cueto-Felgueroso, L., Dentz, M., Juanes, R.

Seasonal and spatial variation of organic tracers for biomass burning in PM1 aerosols from highly insolated urban areas. van Drooge, B.L., Fontal, M., Bravo, N., Fernández, P., Fernández, M.A., Muñoz-Arnanz, J., Jiménez, B., Grimalt, J.O.

The influence of Lemna sp. and Spirogyra sp. on the removal of pharmaceuticals and endocrine disruptors in treated wastewaters. Garcia-Rodríguez, A., Matamoros, V., Fontàs, C., Salvadó, V.

The potential leaching and mobilization of trace elements from FGD-gypsum of a coal-fired power plant under water re-circulation conditions. Córdoba, P., Castro, I., Maroto-Valer, M., Querol, X.

The propagation of complex flood-induced head wavefronts through a heterogeneous alluvial aquifer and its applicability in groundwater flood risk management. García-Gil, A., Vázquez-Suñé, E., Sánchez-Navarro, J.A., Mateo Lázaro, J., Alcaraz, M.

Toxicity of atmospheric particle-bound PAHs: an environmental perspective. Mesquita, S.R., van Drooge, B.L., Barata, C., Vieira, N., Guimarães, L., Piña, B.

Traffic and nucleation events as main sources of ultrafine particles in high-insolation developed world cities. Brines, M., Dall’Osto, M., Beddows, D.C.S., Harrison, R.M., Gómez-Moreno, F., Núñez, L., Artíñano, B., Costabile, F., Gobbi, G.P., Salimi, F., Morawska, L., Sioutas, C., Querol, X.

Transformation products of emerging contaminants in the environment and high-resolution mass spectrometry: a new horizon. Picó, Y., Barceló, D.



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