Artículos IDAEA Marzo

Analysis of volatile thiols in alcoholic beverages by simultaneous derivatization/extraction and liquid chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry. Vichi, S.; Cortes-Francisco, N.; Caixach, J.

Atmospheric Deposition of POPs: Implications for the Chemical Pollution of Aquatic Environments. Jiménez, J.C., Dachs, J., Eisenreich, S.J.

Atmospheric patterns driving Holocene productivity in the Alboran Sea (Western Mediterranean): A multiproxy approach. Ausín, B., Flores, J.A., Sierro, F.J., Cacho, I., Hernández-Almeida, I., Martrat, B., Grimalt, J.O.

Biodegradation of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers in Liquid Media and Sewage Sludge by Trametes versicolor. Vilaplana, M; Rodriguez-Rodriguez, CE; Baron, E; Gorga, M; Sarra, M; Caminal, G; Eljarrat, E; Barcelo, D.

Corrigendum to “Oxidative stress effects of titanium dioxide nanoparticle aggregates in zebrafish”. Faria, M., Navas, J.M., Soares, A.M.V.M., Barata, C.

Degradation of pharmaceuticals from membrane biological reactor sludge with Trametes versicolor. Llorens-Blanch, G., Badia-Fabregat, M., Lucas, D., Rodriguez-Mozaz, S., Barceló, D., Pennanen, T., Caminal, G., Blánquez, P.

Determinants of aerosol lung-deposited surface area variation in an urban environment. Reche, C., Viana, M., Brines, M., Pérez, N., Beddows, D., Alastuey, A., Querol, X.

ECOC comparison exercise with identical thermal protocols after temperature offset correction – Instrument diagnostics by in-depth evaluation of operational parameters. Panteliadis, P., Hafkenscheid, T., Cary, B., Diapouli, E., Fischer, A., Favez, O., Quincey, P., Viana, M., Hitzenberger, R., Vecchi, R., Saraga, D., Sciare, J., Jaffrezo, J.L., John, A., Schwarz, J., Giannoni, M., Novak, J., Karanasiou, A., Fermo, P., Maenhaut, W.

Essentials of multivariate data analysis. Albaigés, J.

Exploring the interaction between O3 and NOx pollution patterns in the atmosphere of Barcelona, Spain using the MCR-ALS method. Malik, A., Tauler, R.

First report of pyrethroid bioaccumulation in wild river fish: A case study in Iberian river basins (Spain). Corcellas, C; Eljarrat, E; Barcelo, D.

Fragmentation studies for the structural characterization of marine dissolved organic matter. Cortés-Francisco, N., Caixach, J.

Impact of fluid deformation on mixing-induced chemical reactions in heterogeneous flows. Borgne, T.L., Ginn, T.R., Dentz, M.

Impact of velocity correlation and distribution on transport in fractured media: Field evidence and theoretical model. Kang, P.K., Le Borgne, T., Dentz, M., Bour, O., Juanes, R.

Impacts of rainfall spatial variability on hydrogeological response. Sapriza-Azuri, G., Jõdar, J., Navarro, V., Slooten, L.J., Carrera, J., Gupta, H.V.

Industrial sources of primary and secondary organic aerosols in two urban environments in Spain. Escudero, M., Viana, M., Querol, X., Alastuey, A., Díez Hernández, P., García Dos Santos, S., Anzano, J.

Influence of a compost layer on the attenuation of 28 selected organic micropollutants under realistic soil aquifer treatment conditions: Insights from a large scale column experiment. Schaffer, M., Kröger, K.F., Nödler, K., Ayora, C., Carrera, J., Hernández, M., Licha, T.

Levels and fate of perfluoroalkyl substances in beached plastic pellets and sediments collected from Greece. Barceló, D.

Life history and biochemical effects of chlorantraniliprole on Chironomus riparius. Rodrigues, ACM.; Gravato, C.; Quintaneiro, C.; Golovko, O.; Zlabek, V.; Barata, C.; Soares, AMVM.; Pestana, JLT.

Long-term real-time chemical characterization of submicron aerosols at Montsec (southern Pyrenees, 1570 m a.s.l.). Ripoll, A., Minguillón, M.C., Pey, J., Jimenez, J.L., Day, D.A., Sosedova, Y., Canonaco, F., Prévôt, A.S.H., Querol, X., Alastuey, A.

MCR-ALS GUI 2.0: New features and applications. Jaumot, J; de Juan, A; Tauler, R.

Microalgae cultivation on wastewater digestate: β-estradiol and 17α-ethynylestradiol degradation and transformation products identification. Hom-Diaz, A., Llorca, M., Rodríguez-Mozaz, S., Vicent, T., Barceló, D., Blánquez, P.

Multi-residue method for the analysis of pharmaceuticals and some of their metabolites in bivalves. Alvarez-Muñoz, D., Huerta, B., Fernandez-Tejedor, M., Rodríguez-Mozaz, S., Barceló, D.

New method for the analysis of lipophilic marine biotoxins in fresh and canned bivalves by liquid chromatography coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry: A quick, easy, cheap, efficient, rugged, safe approach. Rúbies, A., Muñoz, E., Gibert, D., Cortés-Francisco, N., Granados, M., Caixach, J., Centrich, F.

Noise levels and cardiovascular mortality: A case-crossover analysis. Tobías, A., Recio, A., Díaz, J., Linares, C.

Occurrence and toxicity of haloaldehydes in drinking waters: Iodoacetaldehyde as an emerging disinfection byproduct. Postigo, C; Richardson, SD; Jeong, CH; Wagner, ED; Plewa, MJ; Simmons, JE; Barcelo, D.

Occurrence of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance genes in hospital and urban wastewaters and their impact on the receiving river. Rodriguez-Mozaz, S; Chamorro, S; Marti, E; Huerta, B; Gros, M;

Partitioning of trace elements and metals between quasi-ultrafine, accumulation and coarse aerosols in indoor and outdoor air in schools. Viana, M., Rivas, I., Querol, X., Alastuey, A., Álvarez-Pedrerol, M., Bouso, L., Sioutas, C., Sunyer,J.

Phytoremediation of mercury-contaminated soils by Jatropha curcas. Marrugo-Negrete, J., Durango-Hernández, J., Pinedo-Hernández, J., Olivero-Verbel, J., Díez, S.

PM2.5 chemical composition in five European Mediterranean cities: A 1-year study. Salameh, D; Detournay, A; Pey, J; Perez, N; Liguori, F; Saraga, D; Bove, MC; Brotto, P; Cassola, F; Massabo, D; Latella, A; Pillon, S; Formenton,G; Patti, S; Armengaud, A; Piga, D; Jaffrezo, JL; Bartzis, J; Tolis, E; Prati, P; Querol, X; Wortham, H; Marchand, N.

Predicting concentrations of cytostatic drugs in sewage effluents and surface waters of Catalonia (NE Spain). Franquet-Griell, H., Gómez-Canela, C., Ventura, F., Lacorte, S.

Recent and old groundwater in the Niebla-Posadas regional aquifer (southern Spain): Implications for its management. Scheiber, L., Ayora, C., Vázquez-Suñé, E., Cendón, D.I., Soler, A., Custodio, E., Baquero, J.C., Sanchez-Melsio, A; Borrego, CM; Barcelo, D; Balcazar, JL

Seasonal distribution of pharmaceuticals in marine water and sediment from a mediterranean coastal lagoon (SE Spain). Moreno-González, R., Rodriguez-Mozaz, S., Gros, M., Barceló, D., León, V.M.

Series Editor’s Preface. Barceló, D.

Short-term effects of particulate matter constituents on daily hospitalizations and mortality in five South-European cities: Results from the MED-PARTICLES project. Basagana, X; Jacquemin, B; Karanasiou, A; Ostro, B; Querol, X; Agis, D; Alessandrini, E; Alguacil, J; Artinano, B; Catrambone, M; de la Rosa, JD; Diaz, J; Faustini, A; Ferrari, S; Forastiere, F; Katsouyanni, K; Linares, C; Perrino, C; Ranzi, A; Ricciardelli, I; Samoli, E.

Structural changes in C-S-H gel during dissolution: Small-angle neutron scattering and Si-NMR characterization. Trapote-Barreira, A., Porcar, L., Cama, J., Soler, J.M., Allen, A.J.

Use of redundant data to reduce estimation errors in geochemical speciation. De Gaspari, F., Saaltink, M.W., Carrera, J., Slooten, L.J.

UV filters bioaccumulation in fish from Iberian river basins. Gago-Ferrero, P., Díaz-Cruz, M.S., Barceló, D.

Variability in and agreement between modeled and personal continuously measured black carbon levels using novel smartphone and sensor technologies. Nieuwenhuijsen, M.J., Donaire-Gonzalez, D., Rivas, I., De Castro, M., Cirach, M., Hoek, G., Seto, E., Jerrett, M., Sunyer, J.Zauli-Sajani, S; Sunyer, J; Stafoggia, M.



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